What is it about Sarah P. that has so many still frothing at the mouth and biting at their haunches whenever her name is mentioned? I have reviewed my previous thoughts on the matter and find that they seem to still be spot on. Perhaps what is truely amazing is that after the continuous, on-going and massive negative PR campaign directed at her by the establishment media versus the worshipful treatment of President Obama by the same media, Sarah’s favoribility numbers apparently are holding up, whereas Barack’s are sliding fast. So, if she is what so many party establishment types portray her to be, why is she considered such a threat that they and their media mouthpieces feel they need to not let up on the attacks and let her fade into oblivion?

Well, beginning at the beginning, the announcement of a female for McCain’s VP put the gender-focused vote back into play, strengthening the McCain campaign. Sarah Palin’s selection as McCain’s VP took the focus off of Barack Obama and cut short the post-coital .. er .. post nomination glow his worshipping fans were basking in. Sarah Palin’s nomination speech indicated she would be a formidable force on the campaign trail. That was basically all within a week, as I recall. That is why so much hatred was poured out upon her and her family so early.

As she was further exposed to the public, it quickly became apparent that she reflected a number of things many Americans appreciate — things that can swing elections. She seemed to genuinely like her country. She was a mother who was also successful in outside the home. She did “American” things like hunt and shoot (She not only brought home the Moose bacon, she killed, gutted, skinned, cut it up, and cooked it:-)). She seemed to take her faith seriously without demanding others follow it or that the separation of state and church was a problem for her. People liked how she handled her unborn child’s Down’s syndrome. People liked how she handled her daughter’s out-of-wedlock pregnancy — accepting it and vowing loving support. They liked her husband’s reported character and outdoorsiness (harkened back to when pols and their families were not all slicked up “suits” and plastic props). In short, Obamans, Dem operatives, various leftist hate groups, and the body of modern liberal, metro-male, metro-female, sophisticated media mouthpieces saw Governor Palin as a major threat that, even as only a VP nominee, could put McCain over the top — or at least get him back into the race.

Later, with more exposure, it became apparent that Governor Palin was not up to speed on foreign affairs and there were legitimate concerns about her track record in Alaskan politics. There was also the legitimate concern of whether she was ready to step into the job of President in the event that John McCain went toes-up while in office. Some have since used these concerns to rationalize the savagery of the attacks that were launched against her and her family in the beginning weeks of her selection.

Today, she is still someone who reflects and puts a good face on all those things that cultural marxists and their Useful Gullibles (usually academic matriculants) have spent decades demonizing — Christianity, capitalism, Momhood, Dadhood, America, American history, whites, and white men in particular. That is why she still generates so much emotion. In, of course, my ever so humble opinion.;-)

Yours in mellow contemplation,

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