I once laughed and nay took notice of the boundlessness of the life surrounding my niche, or lair as it were. Suddenly I find mental cataracts constricting my merry little thought processes by forces never heeded until now.
We have been driven and myopically ridden if you please, into tunnels not of the common mans vision.
What use will our children have for memories of a generation that represents a wrecking ball of sovereign usurpation, Enron economics, and Iran Contra testimony?

How will they find worth in cheap foreign products just so their hands won’t get dirty and justify “our” chosen 535 + 1 who sold out Mom & Pops craftsmanship, arts, and determination?

Who rules the spoils at this time will echo down the corridors of time as the graffiti of greed paints the volumes of our account..Nice lesson plan.

Once it was reap or weep according to your ability, but long past are green fields for sweat, duty, honor, country, and countrymen from whence our greatness came.

What good in our descendants lives will they deem attributable to our legacy?…Hack!

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