What Is Our End-game?
A year ago the word “HOPE” caught the eye of the American voters who had felt left out of American values by a corrupt government that acted more like an Empire than a Republic. The Government seemed obsessed by the gay marriages, abortions and a pain-free and dignified death. Americans were told to breed more children and the obvious results were to make more soldiers and payers into Social Security. It became the mantra for the Republican Party aka the Religious Right to not accept anything less than moral legislation for the government to tell us what not to do.
Do we really want government issued insurance restrictions to finally legislate what women should not do? If this happens it will be because the voters want the government to have the responsibility for who we marry, our family size, how and when we die and report which God we worship.
The Hope of the Obama Administration has shown that the government is his Hope Machine. We saw the interpretation of the Bush Administration’s Constitution and now we have be very aware of the new interpretation that gives the government the authority to tell us what not to do.
There is no free lunch and no guarantee that any government of any size should be given the right to govern our private and personal lives. The discussion this morning’s news was the fact that no insurance (government or private) will cover the cost of abortions. I wonder if the next step is the tube tying and vasectomies will also be thrown out of the insurance coverage. In the new Insurance plans currently passed by the house over the weekend all insurance will be pushed through the government approval strainer before payment.
In many cases, a pregnancy gone bad may require a complete removal of the female reproduction contents and this might include the fetus. Who makes the decision for payment?
This is the kind of government action that the Republicans have wanted for the last 10 years and for some reason, the Liberal Obama Administration wants this much control. Individual freedoms are gone from either political party at this time.

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