I have a question about PACs making contributions to Candidates. This is legal under the U.S. Constitution. I think the difference in our wanting them made illegal, is that the Congress waits for money from the Lobbyists before making their legislative decisions.
I belong to several organizations that stand up firmly for individual rights. We do not assume any Congress member would be influenced by our contributions but we want those who are in our corner to win.
I belong to “Republican Majority for Choice” and we have donated to candidates who have pledged to keep choices open for all Americans. We feel it is a help in their advertising and promotion. I am a member of Compassion and Choices and our interest in individual rights to die with dignity is based on the States themselves. In 2000 when President Bush appointed Senator Ashcroft to be his Attorney General to stop the Death with Dignity, we sent a Lobbyist to watch the Federal Government. We saw the frenzy when Terri Schaivo was brought into the federal government’s attempt to force her to remain on life support under the orders of the Supreme Court. They failed. In both cases, our Lobbyists are there to keep an eye on a runaway religious movement. My last group of interest is “Americans United for a Separation of Church and State. Obviously we have no intention of influencing Congress other than to let them know we exist.
None of these groups is associated in any way with American Corporations who buy votes within the Congress.
I can’t help but point out that these choices represent half the American people. Women and many men respect the choice of abortions to be left with the family. The other choice is to whether same sex marriages are to be legal. Somehow the voters believe that these are mandates not choices.
The federal government has no business in these person and private choices.


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