Lobbyists’ contributions

I have a question about PACs making contributions to Candidates. This is legal under the U.S. Constitution. I think the difference in our wanting them made illegal, is that the Congress waits for money from the Lobbyists before making their legislative decisions.
I belong to several organizations that stand up firmly for individual rights. We do not assume any Congress member would be influenced by our contributions but we want those who are in our corner to win.
I belong to “Republican Majority for Choice” and we have donated to candidates who have pledged to keep choices open for all Americans. We feel it is a help in their advertising and promotion. I am a member of Compassion and Choices and our interest in individual rights to die with dignity is based on the States themselves. In 2000 when President Bush appointed Senator Ashcroft to be his Attorney General to stop the Death with Dignity, we sent a Lobbyist to watch the Federal Government. We saw the frenzy when Terri Schaivo was brought into the federal government’s attempt to force her to remain on life support under the orders of the Supreme Court. They failed. In both cases, our Lobbyists are there to keep an eye on a runaway religious movement. My last group of interest is “Americans United for a Separation of Church and State. Obviously we have no intention of influencing Congress other than to let them know we exist.
None of these groups is associated in any way with American Corporations who buy votes within the Congress.
I can’t help but point out that these choices represent half the American people. Women and many men respect the choice of abortions to be left with the family. The other choice is to whether same sex marriages are to be legal. Somehow the voters believe that these are mandates not choices.
The federal government has no business in these person and private choices.



  1. AustinRanter


    Sorry to hear that outcome. FYI, there’s been inquiry by several regarding your whereabouts.

    I’ll pass that along.

    Life goes on…and there’s other rantshops to exercise opinion.

    I’m guessing that you’ll be on Front Page from time to time…as are several RR’ers. So, we’ll see you on the flipside.

  2. AustinRanter


    I believe that the political arena is a breeding ground for corruption and I agree with you about Pols lacking integrity before landing in Washington.

    By the way, Iss…where the hell have you been? RR is way too quiet. Did you ruffle feathers?


    There’s ton’s of issues that I can think of that shouldn’t be in the hands of the Federal Gov. Actually, I can probably say the same for State Gov.

    We have a government that’s not only self-will-run-riot, but lending, insurance, and market institutions that neither Dems or Repubs want to disturb their business practices and they are the hub to our nation’s daily finanical stability and the long-term economic health.


  3. issodhos

    I was ‘disappeared’ (permanently banned). Perhaps I should have converted to mod lib Democratism or been less effective in argument.:-))
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  4. Carl Nemo

    Hi issodhos,

    Although I haven’t read all your posts to Reader Rant over the short time I’ve been a member, I’ve never detected anything that should merit such exile.

    One thing I enjoy about your commentary is your keen intellect and committment to iconoclasm. When everyone is zero’d on an idea you seemingly have the gift to throw out an alternative view that completely overturns their “thought cart”…:D

    Anyway, sorry to hear you’ve gotten the boot. Hopefully they’l soon realize they made a mistake. It’s RR’s loss as far as I’m concerned.

    I’m glad to see you posting regularly on CHB.

    Carl Nemo **==

  5. AustinRanter

    Sandra…check out http://www.opensecrets.org. It’s a very legitmate website that post nonpartisan data regarding corporate, Pac, and special interest contributions. Its a lot.

    But, most major industries and their lobbyists are involved in creating Bills to be introduced before Committee. In fact, many industry lobbyists even write large portions of Bills. The credit card industry has…and they have a license to steal with Congress’ blessing.

    There’s no surprises when Bills are in the works. These outside special interests are well aware of what’s happening behind closed doors.

    We see screaming matches between Congresss, the White House and some special interest about a proposed Bill on TV or reported on the Net, but they all know what’s going on.

    As of late, we’ve discovered that most of our Congressional members don’t read Bills. So…they vote for Bills to be enacted into law without knowing the contents of the Bills. Why do they do that? I think the answer is obvious.

    Lobbyists aren’t just a vehicle delivering money. They are the eyes and ears for Congressional members and provide “sensitive information and demographics” that would be really difficult to obtain otherwise.

    The government and “lobbyists and special interests” have a tight symbiotic relationship. One doesnt normally do something without the other knowing what’s up.

  6. Sandra Price

    I know that Austin. My point is that not all Lobbyists buy legislation. In 1999, here at CHB I explained why the Lobbyists were growing in leaps and bounds and why Perot wanted to ban any Federal legislator from ever joining a Lobby. I lit a flame of pure hatred with the members of Reader Rant. We had a very religious majority at RR at that time and they went literally insane with my statements.

    The warning from Perot in 1992 was enough to set me off on research. Many of the old GOP boys club are now organized as offering Lobby services to the Corporations. Tom Delay, Dick Armey and a host of other Conservative members of the religious right are selling our government out for the power of wealth.

    My two groups do not represent any corporation and are organized solely for the freedoms of all Americans. With respect to the Gay Marriage changes in Maine, apparently the Christian Churches are now lobbying against this freedom. It makes me ashamed to be an American. I can’t think of a time when freedom had to pay a Lobbyist for the rights of the people.

    I still think that the only way to restore our government is to throw ALL the bastards out!


  7. AustinRanter

    I think that we can safely say that NOT ALL lobbyists groups are evil. They provide useful information to Congressional members, but I believe that they are a significant minority.

    Sandra…as far as RR being highly populated with “religious” members…I don’t see that as the case now. I for one often make clear that I’m atheist and that a particular opinion if formed from my beliefs and thus far nobody has boiled my body in acid or tried to severely belittle my opinon. Well, 98% of the time, really.

    I’m a straight guy…but I can easily support Gay rights. I am a fanatic about separation of church and state and get a bit aggressive about the topic in RR, but most tolerate my views.

    Lobbyists are both parasites and have some redeeming value in terms of provide really important data necessary to make more informed decisions by Congressional members…even though their making any type of well thought out decisions are rare.

    We just need to figure out a way to tame the beast…and to get our government’s attention at the same time…and warn both that serious consequences are awaiting if they don’t discontinue about 85% of their relationship that involves degrading the integrity of our elected officials.

  8. issodhos

    One cannot degrade that which is already lacking, AustinRanter. Perhaps, a majority of those voting these gals and guys in office are simply voting for folks that truly do represent their own lack of integrity. I would also suggest that most pols who make it to Washington are corrupt long before they leave their local digs.

  9. Sandra Price

    Austin, Reader Rant is no long part of the religious right but when Doug was out sick, the place turned into a mad house. Slipped remembers.

    In my many years on this planet I have heard every possible measure of sin involved in abortions. In order to have abortions banned it would take a program the size of the Patriots Act to check out every pregnant women living in America. When I was a teenager, my pals and many Hollywood starlets flew to the South of France where there was a clinic. Many of those gals did have children when they were ready to take on the responsibility. Having children is not to be a punishment.

    This along with gay marriages does not belong to the federal government. How, when and why people want to die with dignity is another problem being fought by the Christian Churches