Like anyone who works regularly with computers, I’m used to glitches that defy explanation. Since Capitol Hill Blue is a dynamic web site driven by a database-oriented content management system (CMS), the unexplained becomes the norm.

But the problem that kept us from posting new news stories Monday is still puzzling.

Every attempt to post a news entry Monday resulted in a timeout error. At first I thought it might be a memory problem with the server or perhaps a problem because our database contains more than 20,000 articles.

But we could still post blogs and comments, just not news articles. I was contemplating moving the site to new servers when I decided to try posting from a different computer.

It worked. For some reason, we could not post news articles from a brand new Dell FX dual core machine that I recently moved from my studio to my home office. That machine runs Vista Professional. Yet I could post from an older HP machine running XP on the same network and we had no problem posting with our Macs. That same Dell machine had no problem posting from the network at the studio.

And the Dell could post to other web sites using the same content management system.

Odd? You betcha. Did we find the problem? Not yet.

Add that to the legend of Vista, probably the most problem-plagued operating system in Microsoft’s history of bug-ridden stystems.

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