Bush gains some public support for troop surge plan


President Bush faces widespread opposition to the troop buildup in Iraq, though he has gained support over the past month, an AP-Ipsos poll found. The president has nudged support for the troop increase to 35 percent from 26 percent in early January. Sixty-three percent of those surveyed still oppose the increase.

The increased support came from some of Bush’s core supporters — Republicans, men, whites, suburbanites and people with higher incomes.

House Democrats, responding to the public’s unhappiness with the war, pushed a nonbinding resolution that criticized Bush for the planned buildup. The resolution passed Friday.

A majority of people said the war was a hopeless cause and they did not think more troops would stabilize Iraq, according to the poll released Friday.

Bush said this week that members of the House “have every right to express their opinion” on the resolution. But he indicated he would fight hard for the money needed to cover the costs of the additional troops.

Two-thirds of those questioned oppose cutting money for the troops and 60 percent are against cutting money intended just for the additional troops.

Nearly half of Democrats oppose cutting money for the additional troops and almost two-thirds of those who know someone who has served in Iraq oppose that idea.

Democrats are considering how to pressure Bush to scale back military efforts in Iraq. They are wary of the political risks of cutting money, which could invite charges that they do not support the troops.

The poll of 1,002 adults was taken Monday through Thursday and has a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 3 percentage points.


AP Polling Director Mike Mokrzycki and AP News Survey Specialist Dennis Junius contributed to this story.

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  1. Carl Nemo

    “Two-thirds of those questioned oppose cutting money for the troops and 60 percent are against cutting money intended just for the additional troops.”

    Evidently those polled don’t realize the United States, if flat, dead broke! They have no concept of what 8.7 trillion of debt means nor seem to care that the Bushistas have increased their debt load by 2.5 trillion while holding office. They are paying $157 billion per annum in interest on this debt. They want to wage expensive, zero-sum wars based on “cooked” intelligence and don’t seem to realize their uninformed, unresearched support of their stubborn leader’s policies is going to be the undoing of this nation. I guess when “Joe six-pack” sees gasoline at $8+ at the pump, his heating bill at $600+ per month, a loaf of “white” bread $10+ and a stripped down truck costing $50,000+ then, and only then will this type of poll respondent realize that he or she has blown their foot off with their undying support for this war at any cost!

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  3. David Rosenberg

    I find it very scary, 35% of the poll, back bush’s plan. It is too bad that not one of those misguided folk tune into this site. They might change their answer, reading our comments. I for one, never read much into a poll. I just don’t believe the number of people asked, is a true reading of the country’s mood. There are too many hidden factors in polls. Just the mood of the individual contacted could be off normal, the female might be coping with 2 or 3 children, in the middle of preparing dinner and needs to use the bathroom. That Gentleman waiting for his mistress to show, already 15 minutes late. That other guy, watching his team lose badly. It all goes into the answer they give the pollster, doing the only job he could find. Nope, polls don’t do it for me.

  4. Ray

    If you believe the newspapers and mass media TV, then believe the polls. They both can be bought, just like diebold can be hacked. Truth is something lost in the USA