I’m home for a couple of days and want to say goodbye

    I love this site but there seems to be no true suggestions for improvement in America. I realize our Monitors are doing a fabulous job and have watching my words…..I have decided to stop airing my grievances as no one agrees. Apathy has replaced Patriotic-working for campaigns.

    The last shot at economic improvement and foreign involvement went out with Ross Perot. I worked his campaign for 2 solid years.

    Today every candidate who can vote in Congress is worried about the election and needs money from lobbyists. I simply cannot fight this any more. I was behind Doug’s Campaign for America but it needs massive support that is above what today’s Americans can agree to.

    I know what is wrong and what is dragging our voters from working for change but I daren’t mention it without being banned. My work is with the Freedom From Religion Association to return to a separation of church and state.


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