My friend of forty years, known to you as Procrustes, died this morning in the arms of his family and with his dearest friends gathered at his bedside.

Neither he nor I will be back to this sorry site.

There is no room here for people like I or Procrustes or any other person who has even a fairly firm grip on the reality of the world. No one is willing to discuss politics; rather they spend all their time ranting and raving and perpetuating silly conspiracy theories and trying to see which one can do the most to badmouth our country and the normal people who live there. Lately anyone who has tried to enter into a discussion has been shouted down, harassed, denigrated, ignored, and/or vilified. These are exactly the sorts of tactics of the brutal police state they claim the United States has become. You people who do this know exactly who you are and what you are, so there is no need for me to name any specific person.

There are deadly serious issues on both the domestic and the international front. At home our Congress is wrestling with trying to bring the US into the 20th (not the 21st!) century by enacting desperately needed legislation to provide health care for all our citizens, whether they are rich or poor or in between. And what do the people here maunder on about? Inanities. Screams that every politician is nothing more than a crook, and that what we need to do is kick them all out of office, replacing them with people like Joe the Plumber and Sarah Palin and perhaps even the dweeb who runs Fox News, whatever the hell his name is. If we cannot deal with the reality of the world we will create a false world to match the reality that exists in our minds, regardless of how irrational such mindsets might be.

On the international front, we have the specter of a nuclear nation on the verge of devolving into chaos, leaving the sane people wondering what will happen to the nuclear arsenal in a Somalia-like atmosphere of little if any government and asking who will end up selling the nukes to what anti-American organization. Serious issue. And all you you see here is crap about what kind of a general McChrystal is, with emphasis on really serious questions such as why he sometimes does not wear a hat outdoors and column inch after column inch of whining about how Obama is reneging on his promise to get us out of Aghanistan and how ACORN is somehow responsible for the state of the world. What arrant bullshit. Christ almighty, you even have people here who blog totally mindless blank verse rants that draw approving nods of “spot on” and preach, baby, preach. There are people here who openly hope for natural disasters to befall the US so the world will see that Obama is incapable of dealing with them. Mindless arrogance!

Damned shame what CHB has become, but perhaps it is just a reflection of the disconnected fringes in the US political spectrum.

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