The Demopathic Party


After listening to them attack the anti-surge resolution, I’ve concluded that the Republicans think the Democrats are psychopaths.

After all, they are such sore losers they want to send Americans who are part of the surge to fight and die in Iraq in their skivvies.

They should eschew using the lame appellation “Democrat Party”. We all got it a long time ago. The Demcrats can’t be allowed to “own” the word democratic.

I have a better name for them to use for their opposition, one that shows how they really feel.

They should call them the Demopathic Party.

Republicans are dissembling when they call colleagues in name only “friends” when they clearly think they are psychopathic traitors.

Tell us what you really feel, Republicans!

Considering that you think Democrats want to send troops into a deadly crossfire in nothing but their Calvin Kleins, as Patriotic Republicans you ought to dispense with the faux civility and let us know how you really feel about these unpatriotic and callous members Congress.

Forget the tenuous historic connections you tried to draw between Iraq and D Day or the Alamo.

In the next debate, be honest.

Think of the comparisons you can make between Democrats and Benedict Arnold, Aaron Burr, Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, Aldrich Ames, and Jane Fonda.

“This ain’t reality TV.”

Watching how the Democrats were characterized by the Republicans brought to mind The Departed and its fictional Boston mob boss, Frank Costello, no doubt a Boston Democrat.

As bullets ripped through bodies on his orders, Jack Nicholson, playing the charming psychopathic Irish mob boss, gleefully chewed the scenery into shreds.

Frank Costello: “The COPS… are saying he’s a cop… so I won’t look for the cop. Are you soft, Fitz? When I tell you… to dump a body in the marsh, you dump him *IN* the marsh. Not where some guy from John Hancock goes every Thursday, TO GET A FUCKING BLOWJOB! [Fitzy laughs, Frank hits him] Don’t laugh! This ain’t Reality TV!”

I tred to visualize Barney “Buzz Saw” Frank and Ted “Shamrock” Kennedy sitting in a Southie bar as Massachusetts bosses, and ordering Marty “Machine Gun” Meehan and Johnny “Junior” Kerry to hijack trucks with supplies for brave Americans just because they were pissed off that they were part of Bush’s surge.

Although members on both sides often overdid the drama for effect, the tragedy I saw unfold on CSPAN was reality rather than reality TV. But images of psychopathic Democrats as mob bosses with no conscience doesn’t work.

They spoke the truth with compassion.

I don’t quesition the compassion of Republicans, but it got all mixed up with Bush loyalty and contortion of reality twisted to fit a predetermined conclusion.

(Hal Brown is a clinical social worker and former mental health center director who is mostly retired from his private psychotherapy practice. He writes on the psychopathology of public figures and other topics that pique his interest. He can be found online at


  1. Kent Shaw






    1. Favoring political and social reforms tending towards democracy and personal freedoms for the individual; advocating reform or progress in education, religion, etc.


    2. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; not bigoted.


    3. Open to new ideas for progress; tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.


    4. Describing Democratic forms of government, as distinguished from monarchies, aristocracies, oligarchies, fascism, etc.


  2. ms

    What makes me nervous about the hysteria of the right wing is that ALL conservative ideas are headed for the waste bin. It’s guilt by association. Bush and Cheney and their supporters have tainted everything on the right, most of which admittedly is self-serving and off the mark. But there are good things the right has been advocating such as their campaign to strengthen marriage, although they are doing it very ineptly, rewarding many of their political friends with contracts rather than the people who could really get the job done. I also like the GOP effort to evaluate existing federal programs and get rid of them if they no longer do anything. We really do need unprejudiced outcome studies on all kinds of government programs. Again, the GOP under Bush has not been interested in good governance and I suspect they cancelled many programs for the wrong reasons.

  3. Michael

    You forgot to mention the GOP’s big boss. The Christian right. If you think what you have heard and read what the Republicans are saying. Go and look at some of the extreme Christian right BULL S*T. They want to take this country back to the middle ages. To began with they want all woman to stay home and have children. The also want woman to shut the hell up and let the man do all the talking. We better turn our focus on not fighting the Muslims. But the Christian RIGHT. You people better look deep into what they are trying to do. It will shock you.

  4. Hi ALL,

    I think the real problem is that we have ALL become a product of nearly NON-STOP character assatination and namecalling.


    I watch FOX for example and hear the terms Secular Prograssive which IMO the remaining BUSH supporters have no clue what it even means but is “sure sounds good” Involking God is another tactic of this worthless and extreme right (for the most part) TV Network. Again, that appeals to the remaining BUSH supporters

    Then you hear about liberal whakos, liberal nuts, left wing, extreme left wing, nutjobs, etc etc by SO CALLED ANCHORS !!! Some of it, this label making rhetoric, in my opinion, borders on outright slander when referring to a specific person as they often do.

    Where the HELL is the FCC these days?

    Then playing to the masses we hear non-stop coverage of Anna Nichol’s body and her baby and the fact that Britiney shaved off all her hair. WHO THE HELL CARES. Well THEIR AUDIENCE DOES and therin lies the problem. The fluff pieces and the extensive coverage of same GETS their attention then they get lambasted with this slanderous Bullshit from nearly all of Murdoch’s minions…and they simply take it all in and repeat it as Gospel.

    However, It looks more and more everyday like the Republicans and DFemocrats have in fact become one party except for a bit of political in fighting.

    The Republicans ran roughshod over the Bill of Rights, The Constitution and individual freedoms and this new so-called Congress is set about debating, talking and trying to pass worthless resolutions

    Correct What ?? !!… and you come up ZERO on both sides of the aisle.

    IMO America, under the past and current leadership has become one sorry pathetic mess of all talk and little more.

  5. Dave

    What is so disturbing is the way the judeo-christian fascists have mangled the word LIBERAL. The word “liberal” as a political label came from the European labor movements of the 1850s and it meant someone who supported LIBERAL rights for the WORKING class. It’s so ironic that so many of the neo-nazis these days are working class people who are too stupid to know who’s fighting for them. The GOP spin machine would make Goebels proud.

  6. Gerald,

    I think in a word, the word you are looking for is “MEN” or if you wish “MAN” meaning the upright species both male and female.

    Your observation is right on the money, but as you have also noticed, these “Christians” flaunt their so called beliefs, but all of their ACTIONS founded on those beliefs, are for others.

    God talks to Pat Robertson or so he says.

    Did God tell him to preach that someone should have Hugo Chavez assasinated ?

    I doubt it.

    Did GOD tell Jimmy Swaggert to go to a “peep show” …NOT ONCE and then cry on TV and tell everyone he had sinned…then went right back there.

    Ken Copeland told his radio audience once that GOD appeared to him in his “living room” and told him to tell his listeners to send him money to shore up his ministry. Not coins mind you, folding money.

    Benny Hinn who draws thousands of the “faithful” every where he goes told a sponsor once NOT TO TOUCH HIM as he was such a holy person

    ….and the minions who hang on these folks every utterance are the only ones left that support this President…well them and the filthy rich who have become that in the six years he has been in the White House.

    This Presidency has been about taking over and having the ultimate influence on the entire world and the MONEY that will bring them. This presidency has been about the PNAC Doctrine, run by Dick Cheney.

    Bush just lives in the White House and loves the term Commander-in Cheif,

    Others run everything and that’s just the way he likes it.


    I am sure you can come up with dozens of other examples

  7. Klaus Hergeschimmer

    The Republikans are really onto something with its denouncing the ‘Democrat’ party for not being patriotic, its traitorous opposition to Bush’s troop surge, and for not supporting the troops in general.

    Like the Iraqi insurgents, the Godless Democrats HATE freedom too.

  8. kevin clarke

    Mr. Klaus- Bush is s facist dictator that cant spell freedom- let alone understand it. Bush openly denegrates our constitution- he is an untreated alcoholic and sociopath. We went into Iraq becuase of 911- Are you aware that the Hijackers were Saudi not Iraqi.

    Our Saudi allies are giving weapons to the insurgency to shoot down our helicopters and bush is in bed with the Saudi royal family. Get a life klaus.

  9. JimZ

    From Webster’s Encyclopedic Dictionary of the English Language (1977 Ed.):

    fascism (n.):

    An autocratic system of government, headed by an absolute dictator, and characterized by strict social and economic regimentation, aggressive nationalistic policies often accompanied by racism and forcible suppression of all criticism or opposition; the political philosophy methods, or principles of fascism.

    fascist (n.):

    A person who believes in or is sympathetic to fascism; a member of a fascist party.

  10. Judy DiGennaro

    What happened to the concept of the “honorable opposition”? When Obama was elected to the Senate, his Republican colleagues in the Illinois Senate as well as the Democrats commented on his ability to listen (imagine that!) and work together without betraying his principles. Our planet is less than a pimple on the face of the universe. Would it cost so much in ego terms to put some of our differences aside to take better care of it?

  11. Gerald Sutliff

    “God’s Word” says that ALL LIES are the work of Satan, even so the Christian Right doesn’t hesitate to accept GWB’s proven lies as “necessary”, nor do these spoke persons seem to hesitate using lies (and unchristian like name calling) to advance their political causes. I can’t figure it out.

  12. Russ Miller

    Aw, heck Sandy! You ought to look at some of the sites I’ve been to. They will come out and say “the liberals aren’t crazy, they actively HATE the US and want to destroy the culture, our faith in God, Capitalism, our political system, Mom, the flag and apple pie, and replace it with an atheistic, secular-humanistic, Communistic system controlled by ‘libtards’ (their word)”. And these are some of the more rational ones….

  13. You hit it Hal! I remember my revulsion during Clinton’s terms when not a single Republican could not write one thing about a Democrat without refering to the term liebral. They did not refer to Gore during the 2000 election without a string of insult comments about him. The other afternoon I received an article written by a good friend who referred to Gore as a bonkers mad man. What it told me is the writer wanted everyone reading his commentary to know where he stood politically in his opening statement. I find that a bit cowardly.

    Extremism in language has taken over both parties. The Republicans tend to listen to Limbaugh and quote him over and over just to make certain everyone understand that Liebrals are nasty people I’m talking here about professional journalists who can’t make a complete sentence with using the word “liebral.” I find his extremely hypocritical as the professional liar in the government is none other than our POTUS.

    Hal, I tried for the last 6 months to try to reach into the GOP for old group who wanted limited government and indivdiual rights. I was blasted across the internet as being a liebral loving Democrat. When I mentioned I was and am a Capitalist I was called a dirty liar.

    I will admit to be misguided on many political issues but I am not a liar. There is something dirty to be found in the Republican Party of today. I now think I understand where Faust came up with his famous story about selling ones soul to something evil. If the GOP honestly feels that they are working for God under the direction of Bush, they had better get out their bible and read it again. They want only to destroy Islam once and for all. I kept asking my religious friends to start acting like moral and ethical people and shut the hell up about the Liebrals.

  14. The Republican party has always been dubious, but the addition of the Dixiecrats, the Moonies, and the Fundanazis has made them a subversive and criminal organization. They belong in Leavenworth.

  15. Unicorn

    (looks like something cycled) .. .

    Messengers of God, please wipe the bloody froth (from your rage) and go back and read about some of the (sadly) departed members of your party, many of whom where gentlemen in the best sense of the word, and who felt that they were elected to help govern, not engage in what amounts to “Third World” vituperation, demagogery, and hogging it at the public trough.

  16. Unicorn

    This is probably not the place for my thoughs since they won’t be seen by any of those wild-eyed, frothing-at-the-mouth Republicans, but whatever happened to the word “Moderate”? I”m certain the term “Liberal Conservative” would never catch on. I certainly agree with Kent Shaw’s (see above) dictionary meaning of the word ‘liberal.’ I think most of us have one or two opinions which might be considered conservative, e.g., a return to famly home life with the family taking meals together. And how could anyone disagree that women should have control over their own bodies.

    Republics (new term for the ‘other’party) self-appointed