A web headline this evening highlights that one of Afghani President Karzai’s brothers is on the CIA dole!? / : |


Our entire national paradigm seemingly is moving into the T-zone.

We’re wasting huuuuge amounts of money as taxpayers on this ongoing crap in faraway zones of conflict. Who is the enemy? Evidently we’ve met the enemy and “he is us”, to paraphrase an old “Pogo” cartoon strip.

Even Osama bin Laden was on the CIA payroll for many years, now its Karzai’s brother of which he has two. One is linked to the opium trade and the other is a shadetree business man, but ol’ Karzai is still our main man…no?!

We’re being had by international scriptwriters in the bowels of the CIA who are cranking out this “sick script”; ie., international social psychodrama all for the purpose of bleeding the American tax debtor white while fighting no win shadow wars on drugs, terrorists and soon our very thoughts themselves if they are given enough “slack”.

Get motivated people and start kicking the doors of your reps offices. If they don’t show any life support for our national cause then they need to get the “boot” in 2010, 2012,2014…ad infinitum. No rep should get a second term if this kind of crap continues…period!

That’s the only way we can win within the law of the land; ie., to never give them a second term in office no matter how appealing their performance…period! A second term only predisposes them to corruption.

Carl Nemo **==

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