The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is fighting back against what it calls a carefully-orchestrated campaign by President Barack Obama to undermine the organization and its goals.

Tom Donahue, CEO and President of the Chamber, tells Politico that the White House and its allies are “trying to marginalize the Chamber as well as the people who work here.”

Donahue’s comments show the Chamber is not backing away from a fight with the President of the United States. In fact, the business groups seems to relish the fight because it says Obama’s attacks are helping them raise more money.

Reports Politico:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue says a campaign by the White House and its allies to undermine his $200-million-a-year association has largely failed — and actually has helped raise even more money for its pro-business efforts.

In a 75-minute interview with POLITICO, Donohue dismissed recent defections by Apple and at least four other companies, which quit over the Chamber’s opposition to Democratic climate change legislation — as essentially meaningless. “Members come and go all the damn time,” he said.

That’s true. But rarely — if ever — have companies jumped ship in such a public way.

Donohue made plain he believes the White House, or at least its closest allies operating on the outside, are behind a very orchestrated campaign to embarrass and undermine the Chamber.

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