Of naked swindles, bear raids, and criminality in high places…!

    I thought I had researched the root cause concerning the implosion of our capital markets last year quite thoroughly until a friend of mine passed on a link published in Rolling Stone on October 14, 2009. The eight page article by Matt Taibbi caused my blood to turn to icewater upon reading it. It is a story of nine days that changed the world and the destiny of the United States forever.

    It’s an eight page read and I realize many folks will not take the time to both read and digest the material, but for those that do trade the markets like myself and others of the same persuasion the implications of this criminal activity on the part of a few players; ie., Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley et al. along with former Goldman CEO Hank Paulson and Timothy Geithner a protege’ of notorious John Thain, The Merrill Lynch chief who paid out billions in bonuses after the state spent billions bailing out his firm, both appointed to Treasury Secretary, the Fed’s complicity, along with both past and present Presidents will leave one both hushed and terrified at the same time.


    Why terrified? Because post reading the article you’ll realize even your stock portfolio your dividend payments your perceptions of how the stock market is operated, the controls and oversight that should be in effect are minimally excercised if at all.

    The U.S. is in effect a “Potemkin Village” held up by promissory paper backed by nothing other than hot air pumped out by scamsters from stock brokerages, bond traders, bankers of all stripes and levels, including the currency in your wallet; ie., counterfeiters and liars all…!

    The following links provide profiles on both SOT’s Paulson and Geithner to allow readers to connect the dots and to provide a window into the common denominator between these two players who along with the Federal Reserve have virtually destablized our entire monetary paradigm in relation to crushing deficits, engineered inflation and overall destablization of the capital markets regardless of their claims to the contrary.


    Evidently Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley now own the the casino known as the United States of America albeit a crooked one.

    Carl Nemo **==

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