Rabid right wing scares GOP candidates

Many top Republicans are growing worried that the party’s chances for reversing its electoral routs of 2006 and 2008 are being wounded by the flamboyant rhetoric and angry tone of conservative activists and media personalities, according to interviews with GOP officials and operatives.

Congressional leaders talk in private of being boxed in by commentators such as Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh — figures who are wildly popular with the conservative base but wildly controversial among other parts of the electorate, and who have proven records of making life miserable for senators and House members critical of their views or influence.

Some of the leading 2012 candidates are described by operatives as grappling with the same tension. The challenge is to tap into the richest source of energy in the party — the disgust of grass-roots conservative activists with President Barack Obama and their hunger for a full-throated attack on his agenda — without coming off to the broader public as cranky and extreme.

Mitt Romney has purposely kept a lower profile and stuck to speeches on specific policy issues, in part to avoid the early trade-off between placating party activists and appearing presidential. Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, one of the most active potential opponents for Obama in 2012, said that media portrayals of a narrow-minded party could make it harder to attract the middle-of-the-road voters needed to make the GOP a majority party again.

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  1. Sandra Price

    The base of the Conservative Party has become an embarrassment to fiscal members of the GOP. If anything, Rush and Beck have pushed many Republicans to search for a third party. Just this week several Republican Congressmen have insulted the Jewish people and then an Arizona State Senator did the same thing. We have read many GOP forums where our President is called “Kenya-born” and this comes from a very unAmerican point of view stirred by Rush and Beck.

    Sadly, I have to admit that the GOP has self-destructed through the ultra-conservative movement. I called myself a conservative for many years and was too naive to see the social aspect of the religious right take over my party of individual rights.

    I am not happy with President Obama but until a party of fiscal responsibility can be formed including a government who does not tell us what not to do; I will not vote again.

  2. giving-up-in-nc

    IMHO real Conservatives and real Liberals no longer have political parties to represent them. At the national level the Democratic party is the party of big business, and the Republican party has moved so far to the right that it no longer deals with reality.

    It’s time for new political parties, because the two main ones we have now are completely broken, and are no longer capable of doing the peoples business.

  3. griff

    I suggest we start a new party and call it the Regressive Party…as in regress back to the Constitution and Bill of Rights and dismantle the last hundred years or so of delusion.

  4. almandine

    GOP candidates, like DEMS, don’t want serious ideology to haunt their campaigns. They’d have to take a stand! And as we know already, OUR politicians want to be as slippery and unencumbered as possible.

    This story is all about very little.

  5. griff

    Ha. Good point.

    It’s funny how this works (OK not funny-funny). When the Dems are out of power they adopt the populist causes as their own in order to reel in their disgruntled herd with promises and pablum. Then they stab you in the back.

    Now that the Repubs are out of power they’re taking up the populist causes as their own in order to reel in the disgruntled herd. They’ll stab you in the back folks…don’t anyone for one second believe them.

    They’re television personalities and that’s all. Their job is to maintain the false dichotomy and the only movements they inspire is of the bowels.

    The Republicans had their chance and they blew it.

    The Democrats have their chance and are in the process of blowing it.

    They like to speak of unity. We can show them what unity means by coming together not in support of one party over another but unified against both sets of liars and thieves, and their masters.

    Every incumbent Senator (except for the freshmen – they need to bear witness) needs to be removed this next election and run out of Washington. We not only need to stop supporting the corporations and banks that fund these miscreants, but we need to let them know exactly why.

    Somewhere along the way we’ve come to believe the old saying that you can’t fight city hall. We can and we must. They need to see who ultimately has the power.

    We need to step off the emotional roller coaster they’ve had us on these many years and think clearly and rationally about what exactly their game is.

    We need to come to the realization that it isn’t mere incompetence or corruption that has caused this. If it were that easy to explain it doesn’t say much for the prestigious schools most of our politicians have been educated in.

  6. bryan mcclellan

    From the picture “At ease with Glen”
    a vision emerges of a clothesline filled with ever filthier laundry, the cloth cut from ignorance replete with diapered half truths and served up to those who eat shit for pleasure for the simple fact that lopsidedness “total partisanship” has taken over that which should be a clear picture of America to each and every one.

    On the other hand, get them out in the open and legalize their right to possess inordinate quantities of orated twined hemp..Hack.