House cuts health care bill cost

House leaders have cut the cost of their health-care overhaul to around $871 billion over the next decade, Democratic sources said Tuesday night, and were working to line up votes for the package with the aim of bringing it before the full House early next month.

The $871 billion estimate — well under the $900 billion limit set by President Obama — is the latest of several versions scored by congressional budget analysts, according to a Democratic aide, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss private talks. The measure would include a government-run insurance plan that pays providers at rates tied to Medicare, the aide added. That so-called “robust” public option is preferred by liberals because it would save the government money and could force private insurers to lower their own reimbursement rates, driving down the cost of health care overall.

But the idea is opposed by many conservative Democrats from rural areas, where Medicare rates are well below the national average. A new insurance plan that paid such low rates would be devastating to their communities financially, these Democrats say. Instead, they argue that any public plan should negotiate rates directly with providers, as private plans do.

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  1. almandine

    Cuts costs? Horse hockey.

    All they did was move physicians’ medicare reimbursements out of the bill to bring it under The Big O’s magic number. That $250+B will still be paid via other funding streams. More lies… more deceit… more bankrupting the middle class.

  2. griff

    Is this some kind of joke? Trim off 1.03% of $900 billion and call it a day, huh?

    Please, anyone with half a brain and any semblance of historical perspective knows that every government program costs three times as much as they initially say it will. 2.4 trillion anyone?

    Once it becomes law and reality sinks in we’ll have no choice but to keep feeding the beast.

    We just lost another 603,000 jobs last month. Those jobs aren’t coming back. Who’s going to pay for this? The Chinese?

    Don’t hold your breath unless you can resuscitate yourself.

    America’s burning, Nero’s fiddling, and Obama and his merry band of sychophants are throwing more gasoline on the fire.

  3. Warren

    Let’s do simple math. Forget the 1500 pages of details, and just go with what they’re telling us.

    The open market price of a decent health care plan these days is about $800 per month per person. Whether your employer pays part of that and gives it to you as a bennie or not, that’s the approximate cost. About $800 x 12 months = $9,600 per year. Add some for administrative overhead of a government program, and it’s over $10,000 per year. Let’s use $10k per year per person as a round number, probably low.

    The government tells us they want to put 40 million people who currently don’t have health insurance on this program. It will be required that one buy insurance. Now, if these 40 million can’t afford to pay it to the insurance companies now, they can’t suddenly afford to just because the government says they have to. That means that the government, that is taxpayers, pick up the tab.

    OK. That’s 40,000,000 x $10,000 per year. $400,000,000,000.00 (four hundred billion). The cost quoted is the ten year cost, so multiply that by 10 years. That’s $4,000,000,000,000.00 folks. Four TRILLION dollars.

    Griff, I think you may have estimated a bit low.


  4. Carl Nemo

    Thanks Warren for expanding the government’s sham figures concerning the reality of what coverage will cost the taxpayers.

    Several days ago I posted a comment concerning the 16 billion they’ve spent on placing 30,000 people back to work. When I divided the 16 billion by the number of people I came up with them allocating $533,333.33 per job which blew my mind since it reflected the gross wastage and inefficiency on their part even when it comes to simply the creation of jobs, much less a national medical care program. Give them the money and they surely either will waste or steal it…!

    Only Congress and their inner devils know how much this sham will cost. Even your $4 Trillion dollar figure over ten years is conservative due to the forces of inflation to onset hyperinflation settling in on the economy with a vengeance due to them trying to print their way out of a liquidity crisis.

    None of this crap is going to fly even if they pass the legislation. This country is going down and down hard due to Congressmen and seemingly a numbers-challenged President pushing for such unpayable, politically expedient programs.

    Carl Nemo **==