Congress: Stupid is as stupid does

As crippled and clinically-dead health care “reform” bills make their way through the House and Senate it becomes painfully clear that — once again — our mentally-challenged elected representatives are out of their depth.

Most members of Congress are not especially bright and many will vote on changing the health care structure of this nation without having the slightest idea what’s in the bill, what it will cost and what effect it will have on millions of Americans.

Won’t be the first time this has happened. Won’t be the last. Most members of Congress have neither the time or the intellect to read or understand the massive documents of doublespeak that masquerades as legislation.

In 2001, Congress passed the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act and most of those who voted for the act admitted afterward they hadn’t actually read the bill.

Members of Congress come from all walks of life. Few come to Washington with any experience in dealing with the many complex issues they must attempt to understand when it comes to deciding the fate of Americans.

So they depend on staff to provide expertise and, in far too many cases, the staff was picked for political expedience, not practical experience.

Legislative aides are too often young, fresh-faced newbies to Washington who work at entry-level salaries. Those with the expertise left the hill long ago for lucrative lobbying jobs downtown and they come back only to help fashion bills that benefit their special interest employers, not the American people.

More legislation is written on K Street, the home of lobbyists, than on Capitol Hill. The talking points that members of Congress use in debates on the floor of the House and Senate are all too often written by staff members who used outlines prepared by lobbyists.

The end result is flawed legislation that those who vote on it don’t understand because it was crafted by moneyed special interests who are a hell of a lot smarter than any them.

This is not government of the people, for the people or by the people. It is government by the special interests, for the special interest who enjoy doing it to the people.


  1. Sandra Price

    Good words, Chief. I’ve known about the incompentency of the Congress for many years and if you remember Bob Baecht in early days of CHB, we had some good threads on how to engage the voters into knowing their Representatives. It did not last as people were more interested in the private lives of our house and senate.

    We do not have a government by the people because the people do not want it.

    Someday they will and there will be nothing left of our freedoms and our hands will be tied by the government itself.

  2. John Q

    It’s the stupid system! As long as they stay as “the lesser of the two evils”, they’ll get elected over and over until they die.

    Has anybody ever wondered why the president, deans, department heads, and professors of all colleges and universities are never “elected” but “selected”?

    Could it be that the answer is “it won’t work”?

  3. hologram5

    We need to place term limits on EVERY OFFICE! It is the only way to get some of these “lifers” out of the office they have setup camp in. These idiots are so comfortable and complacent that they ooze contempt for the general public at every turn, every word they utter.

    To Boldly Go…
    Anywhere there is sanity…

  4. Warren

    1502 pages of obtuse, arcane mumbo jumbo. Undecipherable, incomprehensible by normal human beings (let alone congressmen). That’s the current health care bill. Written by lobbyists, for their employers and their high-priced lawyers who will later define the actual meaning in countless court battles.

    Surely there’s a better way.


  5. Carl Nemo

    Wow…1502 pages! I gave up keeping track of this “doorstop” tome about a month ago. Evidently in the desperate attempt to please everyone it seems to be growing in size rather quickly along with its indecipherable complexity. Rest assured though the bottom interpretive line will be Congress and the corporatons win bigtime while we the tax debtors lose as always!

    Leo Tolstoy’s, “War and Peace” for instance has a wordcount of 562,579 and 1306 pages. These madmen and women we send to Congress are now writing bills; ie., gibberish that exceeds this work in size. / : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  6. almandine

    They’ve got the time… working 2.5 days a week… it’s the intellect where the challenge arises.

    Bunch of dumb …

  7. woody188

    Are Congress people really just a bunch of useful idiots?

    These are people that have degrees from some of our most prestigious colleges and universities. Are they really just dumb SOB’s?

    I say no. They may act dumb. They may do some dumb things. But ultimately they know exactly what they are doing and they simply don’t care what happens to us average Joe the Plumbers when it isn’t an election year.

    It’s all about plausible deniability and shirking responsibility for their actions on the voters. Oh the system will change when the voters want it too. It’s the people’s fault for voting so poorly!

    Well the people were against TARP and guess what, we got it anyhow. The people were against the stimulus and we got that too. The people are against GITMO and we’re told too freaking bad you’re stuck with it. We said we don’t want to torture our prisoners and to follow our laws yet torture continues and the law be damned!

    History will show we lost this country in the coup of the Supremes in 2000. If we want it back we have to stand up and take it back. The costs are tremendous, but the cost to not do so will be even higher and will be paid by the blood, sweat and tears of your kin FOREVER.

  8. Carl Nemo

    There’s a movement to force Congress to participate in this ill-hatched piece of legislation, but there seems to be little bi-partisanship or even kinship with their constituents when it comes to them wanting to suffer equally under one of their typically botched dysfunctional pieces of treasury draining nightmares.

    The chances of this happening seems to be zero, but it would be interesting to see how fast they back pedal knowing they too must suffer under their chronic mal-legislation. Maybe it would force them to read this bill prior to voting.

    HR 615 attempts to do just that. Here’s a link concerning the attempt to force our Congressmen to participate.

    I’ve contacted my representatives’ offices all Dems and I got a less than enthusiastic reception to the idea. I’m not surprised. This is how they operate. Hey if they are convicted of high crimes while in office they still get to collect their Congressional pensions they earned all the while they were engaged in criminal chicanery.

    It seems we best know who our betters are…no?!

    Carl Nemo **==