U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Dole has returned to the campaign trail, declaring her intentions to seek a second term in what she calls “the worst political environment in memory.”

“I am going to need your help as we rev up the campaign for 2008,” Dole, R-N.C., told supporters at a barbecue Friday.

Some had speculated whether the 70-year-old Dole would continue her political career. She recently underwent hip replacement surgery, has been slow to assemble a campaign staff and had raised only $245,016 in campaign funds at the end of 2006.

Dole strategist Mark Stephens said the senator does not feel a sense of urgency because Democrats have had difficulty recruiting a viable candidate.

Dole spent the past two years as the chairwoman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, leading the party through elections that saw Democrats take control of the Senate on public opposition to the Iraq war. She still supports President Bush and the war, including the administration’s troop buildup.

Dole ran for the 2000 Republican presidential nomination but dropped her campaign before the primaries. In 1996, her husband, Bob Dole, was the GOP nominee for president.

She handily defeated Democrat Erskine Bowles, now president of the University of North Carolina, for her Senate seat in 2002. She spent $13 million in that election and expressed confidence that her re-election bid would also be adequately funded.

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  1. ZimZ: I can hear hear that tune now. Another grammy for those fabulous Dixie Chicks.

    With her at the helm of the National ReThugs Senatorial Committee in the ’06 elections, not only did she leave them millions of $$$$ in debt but they lost the Senate. I wouldn’t be suprised if she didn’t have another Rethug running against her in the primary. These Rethugs always get even. I think she will be toast.

    NC need another great Sam Ervin.

  2. To Jim Z:

    You’re damn right NC is tired of Dole.

    First, we are experiencing the “worst political environment in history” because Liddybitch Dole is in the Senate. She and fellow Republinazi Senator Richard Burr have proven themselves to be nothing but rubber “YES” stamps for the idiot who calls himself a president.

    Secondly, I haven’t seen one damn thing Dole has done for her NC constituents. She is a blight on the Senate and a warmonger supporting failed, miserable war in Iraq.

    NC needs anything in the Senate besides Dole and her clone Burr.

  3. One thing beltway Republicans can do well is leave debt everywhere they go. Kinda like leaving rabbit pellets (OK- elephant turds) everywhere.

  4. lackeylocal, hate to say it, but being a native ex-Kansan myself and all-too familiar, Kansas probably would take Liddy back with open arms. Don’t expect “mainstream” Kansans to figure any of this stuff out. Thomas Frank didn’t write his book about his native state without knowing, too.

    The Doles used up all the capitol they had available in Kansas, and went a-runnin’ to beachfront NC for a second round. It was kind of a surprise. Reminds you of the Clintons. Pretty much used up what they had in Arkansas and went a-runnin’ to NY for a second round. Dang, I almost have a folk song written here.

    If you look at the history of the Red Cross, you will find all through its history there has been money missing and misspent, and salaries paid for jobs that arn’t filled. It neither began nor ended with Liddy. I don’t trust large organizations like that anymore. Most of the money doesn’t get to who you want it to go to. That’s why when hurrican Katrina hit, I just mailed money directly to my friends who lost their houses. That’s the ONLY way you know it got there.

  5. Senator Dole has been almost invisible to NC since election. Newspapers keep asking “Where is Elizabeth?” She has not been present much in NC–and now she wants to be a candidate again–what does that say about her intelligence?

    Quite frankly, she can stay lost. Her slavish voting pattern and devotion to Bush puts her out of the running. We don’t need more rubber stamp idiots in the Senate and House. What happened to representing the people? What happened to honor, integrity, and ethics? Did all of the politicians swear loyalty and that they would blindly follow Bush, DeLay, and his team of lobbyist and corporate contibutors on the way to Washington?

    Dole showed her true character when “Doleing” out funds for Republic candidates in the 2006 election and her advice to their election committees. Nothing was beneath her attempts to win the election. She stands about as much chance as a snowball in hell of being reelected in NC.

  6. She had her hip replaced, now she needs her “In-Tune” replaced, because she is obviously not in tune with the American People, who she is supposed to represent. Toss her out on her too-old-to-function-intelligently ass.

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