Former President George H.W. Bush says MSNBC entertainers Keith Olbermann and Rachel Maddow are “sick puppies” for the way they treat his son — former President George W. Bush — and other who don’t agree with him.

The elder Bush, in an interview with CBS News, singled out the two liberal talk show hosts as examples of what he called an increasing lack of civility in politics.

“I don’t like it,” Bush said of the coarse tone of national debate. “The cables have a lot to do with it. It’s not just the right. There are plenty of people on the left.”

Maddow and Olbermann anchor MSNBC’s nightly dishing of liberal opinion and often single out George W. Bush for harsh commentary and treatment. Although neither are trained journalists, the cable network bills their talkfests as “news” shows.

“The way they treat my son and anyone who’s opposed to their point of view is just horrible,” Bush said.

Bush told CBS that harsh, unrelenting criticism “should not be par for the course. To the degree it turns off one student or one person from serving, that’s bad.”

The former President was also critical of right-wing commentators for the way they treat current President Barack Obama. The attacks, he said, “crosses the lines of civility” but added that he did not think the majority of attacks from the right stemmed from racism.

“You might find some racists out there but I don’t think the attacks per se have to do that he’s an African American,” Bush told the network.

Both Maddow and Olbermann reacted to Bush’s comments with expected hyperbole, saying the former President was guilty of “name calling.” (video below):


  1. Unfortunately, George H. W. Bush has no credibility, no matter who he might refer to as “sick puppies.” President 41 has a scandalous background all his own in addition to several generations of Bush family members who believed in their entitlement, even when its machinations represented major betrayals of their country’s values. Consider, for example, Poppi’s employment of the political assassin Lee Atwater and the fact that Poppi gave the villainous Karl Rove his first job. None of the very dark history of the Bush family and its quest for riches at the expense of American democracy has never been adequately covered by major media. If you want the facts and the truth read “Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the Powerful Forces That Put It in the White House, and What Their Influence Means For America,” by Russ Baker.

  2. Georgie H has it all backwards. Glen Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and Bill-O are the sick puppies! And they are definitely not “journalists.” My husband and I live to watch Rachel and Keith every night. They are the only real “journalists.” They give us the facts and the truth behind the lies of FOX Noise.

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