Left pissed at Dems over Charlie Rangel

Some of the progressives who helped put Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid in power are demanding that they come down hard on House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Charles Rangel and any Senate committee chairmen who stray from the flock on health care reform.

Don’t hold your breath.

While three Democratic insiders say leaders have privately discussed the possibility of ousting Rangel or asking him to step aside, there has been no move to approach the New York Democrat — and aides to Pelosi have made it clear that she won’t do anything about him until the House Ethics Committee finishes its probe.

That doesn’t sit well with Markos Moulitsas and Arianna Huffington, two stars of the liberal blogosphere who’ve joined House Republicans in calling for Rangel’s ouster.

“Talk about tone deaf,” Huffington wrote for The Huffington Post on Sunday. “The Democrats have to make it clear to America’s beleaguered middle class that they don’t believe there are two sets of rules: one for the power players of Wall Street and Washington and one for everybody else. Congress’s approval rating is at 21 percent, a 10-point drop over the last month. If the Democrats want to see it hit single digits, by all means, keep Charlie Rangel as chairman.”

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  1. almandine

    Charlie Rangel = Power Broker = Tax Cheat = Crook = Scoundrel. His fellow Congresscriters are merely taking notes.

  2. griff

    It was the progressives that gave us the income tax and the Federal Reserve…Long live the progressives!

    Progress, eh?

  3. woody188

    Been wondering if “Progressive” is now synonymous with “Neo-conservative,” aka new world order globalist corporatist. Those are the nice words for imperial fascist. Hitler was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. He lost and he hadn’t even invaded any country yet. Obama has invaded and is looking at Iran escalating the war into a full blown regional conflict. If China and Russia come to Iran’s aid we’ll have WWIII.

    Seems we’ve come full circle.

    They’ll keep us busy by threatening health care while they turn the world upside down and inside out. This is a play right of the Bush Adminstration and is part of Full Spectrum Dominance where they keep our heads spinning by taking on so many issues at once that a popular concensus and opposition groups don’t have the time or numbers to form strong grassroots movements.