Health care report may backfire on industry

In the health care reform debate, where playing nice has been the rule, a scathing insurance industry report looked to critics Monday like a grenade aimed at scuttling progress in Congress.

But it also looked to some like too little, too late.

Not only did the report land many months into the debate — with Democrats on the cusp of passing bills through five committees — it infuriated some of the very people the industry group hoped to influence.

“I don’t view the impact of the report as a bill-stopper as much as a bill-changer,” said Robert Blendon, a health policy pollster and political analyst at Harvard University. “The momentum is way too far [in favor of passing a reform bill], and there is a sense out there that something has to be done.”

On the eve of a crucial vote in the Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday, the industry group, America’s Health Insurance Plans, raced against the White House and Senate Democrats to frame the 26-page analysis conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which concluded that premiums would cost more under the Finance Committee legislation than under the current system.

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  1. pondering_it_all

    The real story:
    “Ironically, the insurance industry launched its attack against the version of the legislation that omits the government option — the one provision above all others that insurers oppose. Officials said they were motivated by a provision that would have excused millions from a requirement to have insurance, thus reducing the pool of new customers seeking coverage.

    Democrats said that industry representatives had also complained in private conversations about a provision that would have limited insurance companies’ ability to write off the cost of any executive salary in excess of $500,000 a year.”

  2. griff

    Yeah, the banks were publicly opposed to the Federal Reserve Act while secretly crafting its very existence.

    It’s called controlled opposition. Make the people think that those that will benefit are actually opposed to it.