Perhaps it is the mediocrity of the 2008 presidential campaign that stands out most this time around. The two wings of the party have selected candidates that qualify as “Acceptables” – McCain for the Republican wing and either Hillary or Barack for the Democratic wing. Unable to control their inner fascist, all three intend to use the 200 years of accumulated Executive power — much of it usurped from other branches of government, or constructed out of Constitutional alteration, or manufactured by previous inhabitants of the Oval Office through a diminution and falsifying of founding principle, or, as in the case of the current bit of excrement occupying the office, through the devious establishment of an unrestrained contra-constitutional Executive – to rule as final arbiter in most all things public and private over a titular republic and with the assistance of an acquiescent Congress. In short, the Republican and Democratic goal of an America as a political collective where the Rights of the individual are fully subordinated to the interests of the state and those who control it is near completion. America is no longer a republic. It is not a nation that adheres to the rule-of-law. It is certainly not the land-of-the-free. Politically, the “home of the brave” has long since been replaced with the “home of the bunker boys”.

The modern Republican wing (especially the Bush Dead Enders) and the Democratic wing learned from and are emulating the New Deal’s hagfish strategy. Words have become meaningless or ambiguous in their mouths, resonating only subjectively in the ears of a politically and philosophically ignorant electorate eager to have a government in power that will provide them goodies and punish their neighbors for not living the way they would make them live if they could be “dictator for a week”.

So, for those who claim to vote for the lesser evil (fancy way of not admitting that they vote for evil), rather than rejecting as unworthy those candidates that rise only to the level of “lesser evil”, they have the ‘choice’ of the Democratic party whose track record is one of massive spending, reduction in individual Rights, unwillingness to act as a check on Executive excess, the acquiescing to an un-necessary invasion and occupation, massive subsidies and special breaks to favored constituencies, and government intrusion, or they have the ‘choice’ of the Republican party whose track record is one of massive spending, massive borrowing, massive increase in the debt, the initiating of an un-necessary invasion and occupation of a country that was no threat to us, a collapsing dollar, 100 dollar a barrel oil, a potential financial donnybrook, reduced Individual Rights, continued assaults on America’s Founding Principles, increased government intrusion into our lives, a worn-out military, massive farm bill subsidies, and a new massively expensive entitlement program.

In other words, in a year when the utterly corrupt Democrats should have a slam-dunk win against the utterly corrupt Republicans, the Republicans have fielded an anemic Dole rerun, John McCain, who could possibly beat either a “My change is more of the same” Obama, or a “Just let me get some of Bush’s power and I’ll run the world!!” Clinton.
Popcorn is suddenly in short supply.
Yours in optimism,