A great mischief of late 20th century academia was to inculcate within the unwary an unexamined race-based worldview using a politicized and corrupt multicultural paradigm mixed with Marxist dialectic, hierarchal victimhood, anti-Western jingoism, and a heavy reliance on transformational “critical theory” as developed by a Frankfurt School-oriented intelligentsia with the intent of using “cultural Marxism” to fragment, undermine, and render impotent Western institutions and concepts that otherwise obstruct a hoped-for eventual Marxist transformation of society. Today, these useful gullibles are quite numerous and can be recognized by their obsessive need to denigrate anything positive that may be said or written about Western Civilization in general and America in particular. I do not hold responsible those students currently being inculcated by portions of academia with such a shallow agenda-driven worldview, but I do tend to hold those who are no longer students responsible for not having out-grown such tripe.

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