Democrats get good news about health care bill

Democrats are breathing a sigh of relief after a positive cost report on health care overhaul gave them a chance to rally around a Senate plan that significantly expands coverage while trimming the federal deficit.

The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the latest version of the Senate Finance Committee proposal would expand coverage to 94 percent of all eligible Americans at a 10-year cost of $829 billion.

The budget umpires added that the legislation would reduce federal deficits by $81 billion over a decade and could lead to continued reductions in federal red ink in the years beyond.

But the middle-of-the-road plan still leaves about 25 million people uninsured when fully phased in, in 2019. Of those, nearly 17 million would be U.S. citizens or legal residents. Nearly 50 million U.S. residents now lack coverage.

The White House hailed the report as proof of what President Barack Obama has insisted all along. “The analysis confirms that we can provide stability and security for Americans with insurance and affordable options for uninsured Americans without adding a dime to the deficit – and saving money over the long term,” said spokesman Reid Cherlin.

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  1. woody188

    I don’t understand it. If the bill requires everyone to have insurance, how could it leave 25 million people without insurance?

    At least it reduces the deficit by just more than half a percent (0.6%) over 10 years. At this rate we’ll have China paid off by never. $81 billion is like 3-6 months of war costs in the Middle East.

    Want to bet on whether the projected tax revenue is high balled and the costs low balled?

    Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain

  2. AustinRanter

    Woody, don’t be silly…

    25 million can be left uninsured because they can’t bribe our Washington elected officials as does the Corp/Lobbyists.

    Washington Congressional Members will allow millions to suffer or die because there’s no personal incentive to work toward a universal type health plan.

    Remember…in America…Death and Sickness is a For Profit Institution necessary to our economy.