General wants 40,000 more troops for Afghanistan

A request from the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan for additional troops has been transferred to President Barack Obama for review and has started working its way through the military chain of command, the Pentagon said on Wednesday.

The request, which General Stanley McChrystal submitted to Defense Secretary Robert Gates last month, recommends adding up to 40,000 additional U.S. and NATO troops next year, according to congressional officials.

Obama, who has launched a review of his six-month-old counterinsurgency strategy in Afghanistan, has not decided on whether to send more troops as recommended by McChrystal to try to reverse gains by a resurgent Taliban, officials said.

Sending as many as 40,000 additional troops to Afghanistan could spark a backlash within the president’s own Democratic Party. U.S. and NATO casualties have risen, and public support for the eight-year-old war has eroded.

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  1. Carl Nemo

    I suggest our President, General Staff and their advisers take a refresher course on the history of warfare using the fairly recent Russian invasion of Afghanistan as their guide. They can forge further back in history and find out that things have not gone well for invading armies in those regions.


    Those who refuse to study their history are doomed to repeat it…George Santayana


    It’s the nature of Generals to always want more troops to engage the enemy, regardless of their current performance on the battle field. More is always better…no?! /:|

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. AustinRanter

    My question is…how much security could we build around the U.S. for $85 Billion a year for say…hmmmm, about 8 years?

    For nearly a trillion bucks…we could turn the U.S. into a massive fortress.

    God couldn’t get in for that much money.

    What the hell is the matter with people? Our government is killing our kids for WHAT? We let these crooks in Washington, who are getting their pockets padded by Contractors and the MIC, who are stealing from the taxpayers…kill our kids. WHY?

    The political and theocratical propaganda disseminated in what we call Evil Nations ain’t Sh!t compared to the BS WE THE PEOPLE IN AMERICA BUY FROM OUR GOVERNMENT!

    Gregg Sealy

  3. AustinRanter

    History Provides Us With The Following:

    Soviet personnel strengths and casualties

    Afghanistan War: Between December 25, 1979 and February 15, 1989, a total of 620,000 soldiers served with the forces in Afghanistan (though there were only 80,000-104,000 serving at one time): 525,000 in the Army, 90,000 with border troops and other KGB sub-units, 5,000 in independent formations of MVD Internal Troops, and police forces. A further 21,000 personnel were with the Soviet troop contingent over the same period doing various white collar and blue collar jobs.

    The total irrecoverable personnel losses of the Soviet Armed Forces, frontier, and internal security troops came to 14,453. Soviet Army formations, units, and HQ elements lost 13,833, KGB sub-units lost 572, MVD formations lost 28, and other ministries and departments lost 20 men. During this period 417 servicemen were missing in action or taken prisoner; 119 of these were later freed, of whom 97 returned to the USSR and 22 went to other countries.

    There were 469,685 sick and wounded, of whom 53,753 or 11.44 percent, were wounded, injured, or sustained concussion and 415,932 (88.56 percent) fell sick. A high proportion of casualties were those who fell ill. This was because of local climatic and sanitary conditions, which were such that acute infections spread rapidly among the troops. (source Wikipedia)

    How many of our kids to we want to experience the above…for?

    So-called terrorist…as describe by our government can walk across the Rio Grande River in Texas along with tens of thousands of illegal Mexicans. Oh…and lets not forget that Texas alone has over 700 miles of border with Mexico. Now, throw in New Mexico, Arizon, and California borders.

    Gosh, me-oh-my…how many terrorist have cross the Canadian borders over the last years since 9-11? You know those Royal Mounties are lined up across the 3000 miles of border to capture them.

    As Einstein once said, “The only difference between being stupid and being a genius is that geniuses have limitations.