Gang Violence in Chicago

    I’ve never lived near gangs but I’m certain they can be found in many cities. Can anyone explain why so many teenagers have the kind of free time to allow them to look for trouble? We are in the period where schools are in session. In my child hood we took on kids from other schools but on the volleyball and tennis courts.

    Our Attorney General Holder is attending the meeting in Chicago which could mean our National Guard might be asked to intervene. These are teen gangs. Rev. Jesse Jackson mentions that the kids are hungry and we should be furnishing 3 meals a day to the kids. He is trying to blame all of us for the out-of-control teens in our cities.

    Is this America’s dirty little secret? What should we do to stop the violence in our teens? Well Jesse, volunteer me into the streets of Chicago and I will have a work force out of these kids. Train them to work for the National Parks or something. Boot camp?


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