Originally, the promise was universal health care for all Americans but not one bill in the House or the Senate provides that and the main Senate bill mandates health care for all Americans whether they can afford it or not. Those who can’t face a fine…or maybe even jail.

Originally, the promise was “affordable” health care but the legislation percolating in both Houses of Congress will drive health insurance costs up, not down.

Once again, reality falls short of promises and actuality fails to meet expectations.

President Barack Obama wanted health care reform to be the centerpiece of his Presidency. Now it could be the failure that limits his time in office to a single term.

If health care manages to climb off its sick bed, Obama still faces the double whammy of a sick economy and an escalating, increasingly unwinnable, war in Afghanistan to doom the legacy of his flagging Presidency.

So much hope.

So much expectation.

So little performance.

100409obamamaniaap.jpgObama’s Presidency may become a textbook study in how not to be a President, something to keep political science teachers lecturing well into this century and students writing endless term papers on what could have been and what wasn’t at all.

At best, his time in office may be measured on how a President — no matter how popular or charismatic — cannot be all things to all people, cannot tackle all of a nation’s ills at once and cannot cure problems many decades in the making by substituting rhetoric with substance.

Obama jets off to Europe on the promise that his popularity and presence will seal an Olympic deal for Chicago. All it sealed was Chicago’s rejection in the first round of voting. America just isn’t all that popular with the International Olympic Committee and Obama’s presence just gave them excuse to prove it.

Some say it is too early to call Obama’s presidency a failure. Maybe it’s too late to salvage what’s left of his once-promising legacy. His uptick in the polls may be short-lived, a small resurgence of public interest in health care “reform” may die once more details emerge about what that so-called reform will demand of cash-strapped Americans.

The President who promised to keep lobbyists out of government will most likely sign a bill crafted by lobbyists and lobbyists don’t give a damn about the ordinary Americans who can’t afford health insurance now.

The President who promised to restore hope for America faces a nation of rising unemployment, increasing bankruptcies and millions of ordinary citizens losing their homes while banks and Wall Street continue to get rich.

The President who promised change is delivering more of the same. His administration is no less secretive than that of George W. Bush, his use and abuse of government power is just as unabated as that of the former President. The National Security Agency (NSA) continues to spy on ordinary Americans, the Department of Homeland Security — the largest, most intrusive government agency in history — continues to use the rights-robbing USA Patriot Act to deny rights and freedoms to American citizens and government continues to grow at an alarming rate.

Political prisoners continues to languish without due process at Guantanamo Bay, Americans continue to die in unjustified wars on foreign soil and our government continues to lie to us with disturbing regularity.

Some years ago, singer Roger Daltrey of The Who used an old Mafia saying to sing “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.”

So sad. So true.


  1. Yo abfromtn,

    “So, all you geniuses, who should be President? Hillary? McCain? Palin? HA!”…extract from post

    How about Doug Thompson, issodhos, Scout Gal, Almandine, CheckerboardStr, AustinRanter, Woody188, griff, Ladywolf55, myself~et al. …: |

    It’s gotten so bad that I feel we could do better by standing at an intersection anywhere America and flag down the first citizen we see and ask them to do the job provided they would accept the challenge and have enough brainpower to function to some effective degree. At least they/we wouldn’t have refined our criminality to a high artform prior to taking over the Presidency giving us a chance to see things clearly and to use what vested powers we do have to change the course of the good ship USS America as it speeds towards a terminal iceberg field tragedy.

    Of course we’d have to wear total Kevlar body armor 24/7 with food tasters at mealtime and to be surrounded first by the the U.S. Marshals service to protect us from an ordered Secret Service sanction against the President by the shadowy elite who would want to shut down our sweeping citizen friendly changes. /: |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. Thanks JerryG for buying us a meal. As Doug and I chomp down the “value meal”, we’d no doubt exchange a knowing glance that this just might be a “last supper” experience prior to this nation going down the tubes all as a function of hollow to broken promises made by smooth-talking crimpols in high office.

    Long gross burp!…excuuuuuuuse me :))

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. Here’s $6.09 for both Doug and Carl so you can go to your nearest fast food restaurant’s drive-thru and get your value meal. From my perspective the instant gratification you expected from an Obama administration is clearly the same.


  4. Thanks, Carl…

    I found the summaries of the various categories of Obama’s promises to be the most helpful.

    I think we see that he’s actually met more promises than he’s failed to deliver…and the categories of “in the works” is quite a few, and the biggest category is “No action”. We clearly see that a large number of promises hasn’t been gotten to.

    As I stated in my posting to Warren…we have to inspect those promises made prior to the Dem Convention in Aug 2008. And then look at the promises made after the convention and taking office.

    There were major differences in the known critical social issues prior to Aug 2008.

    Many social issues that have occurred after Obama has taken office have risen exponentially. And I think that I would be safe in saying that most of those issues weren’t of Obama’s making directly, but residual affects from other serious issues that had gathered momentum from years prior.

    I am sorry that, once again, after 250 years of American politics, we allowed ourselves to be taken in by what we’ve known to exist in politics since George Washington’s presidency and that is…placing politicians on a pedestal above human capacity and expect miracles from a person who, like a talking parrot mirrors the voices of the electorate’s desperate cries to meet their needs for whatever the social circumstances are being imposed. We call that political rhetoric.

    I would like to repeat a quote by Einstein. He said, “The only difference from being stupid and being a genius is…geniuses have limitations.”

    How many more hundred of years will it take to for all of us to understand how politics work…and those who choose to be politicians?


    Gregg Sealy

  5. Warren, with all due Respect….

    Let me first say that I’ve been as critical and hard on Obama as many on this site…however…

    Your comment: “What we can tell, for sure, is that President Obama is not the fellow that a lot of people hoped he was leading up to the election. Was it false representation? Or just false hope?”

    Doesn’t jive with me. If it’s going to take time and a chronolgy of history to review…how is it that we can tell at this very moment in history that Obama is, “for sure”, not the fellow people hoped for? Isn’t that a premature claim given the incredible number of crtical social issues that began long before Obama’s rise to stardom as the next messiah?

    Obama campaigned for nealy 2 years PRIOR to the crash of our financial and market institutions, plus the downfall of our Auto Industries…and other industries. The campaign promises he made were stickly related to those KNOWN that were a product of mainly non-related economic crash issues created during the Bush “error”, okay, punning, the Bush “era”…which was EIGHT YEARS in the making.

    Yes…Obama has made promise SINCE being in office. What are they and what’s the status of those promises?

    So…in essences I’m also asking, what are the promises and the status of those promises he made prior to the Democratic Convention in August of 2008?

    I suggest that you read my posting above your own and check out the suggested websites and at least review what it is or isn’t that Obama is failing or succeeding at before calling the shot that he’s NOT the man we thought he was. After reviewing his record and you conclude that he’s not the man you hoped that he’d be…groovy.

    Also mentioned in your post…Harry Truman.

    Can we possibly speculate that FDR would have most likely made the same call to drop the bombs in Japan? After all…President Truman inherited the job after FDR died. Surely that type of option was dicussed prior to FDR’s death.

    Just food for thought…


    Gregg Sealy

  6. Thanks Gregg Sealy for supplying the links. I’ve had them on my desktop for quite some time and do check them regularly.

    If you run the 26 page list you see in short order that most of the feelgood minor legislation is “in the works”, with few being delivered on. Even if you read the details about the one’s that have been completed you find much compromise in those bills that still allow things to go pretty much business as usual.

    When you look at the list of major seachanges listed in this thread that are necessary which are virtually eating this nation alive you see no interest in change; ie., the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, getting our national finances in order, solving the massive unemployment situation etc. with the establishment of a balanced budget, cuts across the board equally for all concerning whatever belt-tightening is necessary along with the curtailment of off-shoring, H1-b visas, work visas and both illegal and legal immigration during this crisis period. We don’t need any new citizens with the possibility of them becoming freeloaders on the backs of standing citizens.

    Anyone that’s kept up on the intel concerning the two war zones should realize by now that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 and OBL of Saudi birth has been on the run for years even living in Somalia with his last known physical presence being the caves of Tora Bora also a failed U.S. mission to capture this man. Conveniently they now claim he’s hiding in some cave on the Afghani-Pakistani border in order to protract our presence in this zone. Besides the capture of a single man isn’t worth the hundreds of billions of dollars both spent and stolen in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Our incursion into Iraq was based on cooked intel courtesy of the Wolfowitz-Feith-Cheney rogue intelligence pipeline. Both of these zones of conflict exist based on lies of convenience which have obscenely enriched the MIC and the “oil patch” along with thousands of camp-following no bid contractors. The waste, graft and outright corruption in these theaters is mind-boggling to say the least! I suggest you and others watch the movie “Iraq for Sale”. It will leave one hushed concerning “the evil that men do” when it comes to making big bucks at the expense of the U.S. taxpayer.

    Our youth means nothing to these mattoids other than cannon fodder to be sacrificed on the altar of Mars. : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  7. Time will tell whether he is a failure or a success. Sometimes a long time. Historians are still debating the decisions of all of our ex-presidents. Some, like Harry Truman, seem to be appreciated only long after the fact.

    What we can tell, for sure, is that President Obama is not the fellow that a lot of people hoped he was leading up to the election. Was it false representation? Or just false hope?


  8. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, this thread is beyond words.

    I bet that most posters in this thread don’t have a clue about what Obama’s promises were during his run for president…much less what he’s failed or succeeding in doing. I bet most can’t name all of the important issues and promises made since being in office.

    If your interested in finding out…before you start shooting the horse before he goes lame you might want to visit the following website:

    POLITIFACT.COM and more specifically…

    For categories of promises the site address is:


    FOR ALL 26 Web Pages of Obama’s Promises and the status on each one the address is:


    This site offers more details about each of Obama’s promises than I’ve seen up to this date.

    Before calling out the attack dogs…know what the hell you’re talking about.


    Gregg Sealy

  9. I used to think Doug knew what he is talking about but now I’m not so sure. I’m sick of everyone bashing the President. He’s had 9 months to clean up 8 years of the Bushoviks, and you expect miracles. Come on, lets be real. What President has the power to unilaterally make the sweeping changes?

    Get a grip, any president is limited by what Congress gives him to sign. Those are the real crooks, just like CHB motto says.

    I for one am pleased with a well spoken and intelligent person at least trying to do the right thing. I suppose all you whiners were happier with Cheney and his puppet, W?

    Ah but I forget, All you wise political sages know far more than I do. So, all you geniuses, who should be President? Hillary? McCain? Palin? HA!

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