Yet another unbroken promise?

It’s beginning to look like a trend. Though he got off to a rocky start with fudging on his promise to curtail lobbyist influence in Washington, President Obama seems to have struck a nerve with his latest regulations which prevent registered lobbyists from serving on Federal agency advisory boards and commissions.

“Private-sector clients will now have to pass up registered lobbyists for others who qualify to serve on the panels, and the prospect of a mass exodus from the highly prized positions has not made certain lobbyists happy. ‘There is fury,’ said a lobbyist who sits on one of the committees. ‘Absolute fury.'”



  1. woody188

    Outlawing of corporate lobbying was too much to ask for. Probably means they won’t bother to register any longer or will only register on the state level. Nothing has been done about Congress, so we’ll still get bills written by and for business like health care “reform”. And he has still stacked his cabinet and czars with lobbyists. So it’s a half promise kept if the intention was to stop influence peddling.

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