Ten reasons for reading Capitol Hill Blue

1) CHB features Doug Thompson, who if he isn’t one of a kind, lord help us…
2) You can follow or join a community of commenters you can actually get to know
3) You can read columnist Phil Hoskins, a Hollywood attorney and activist who founded Take Back West Hollywood.
4) You can read columnist Robert Kezelis, a lawyer, sculptor and writing curmudgeon based south of Chicago.
5) You can read me, a psychotherapist who was recently called a psycho who should be committed by a poster on a local message board…
6) “Blue’s Reader Blogs” features a core community of politically savvy writers.
7) “Reader Rant” is probably the best, most civil and sensible moderated political message board community on the web, where regulars become online friends with each other.
8) When you get bored with the appearance of the front page, Doug changes it.
9) Doug, Robert, Phil, all the bloggers, ranters, and I actually respond to comments about what we write.
10) You don’t have to worry about any of us ending up on CNN, MSNBC or Fox News and letting fame go to our heads.


  1. Sandra Price

    CHB had me hooked for many years. I’m certain I could come up with 10 more but not as well defined as yours. Love ya Hal.


  2. Hal Brown

    Top ten lists don’t have to be limited to ten, so anyone can certainly add to mine – or you can omit number 5 and replace it with one of your own.

    I think Moses brought us the first top ten list and we’ve been stuck with that number ever since….

  3. Sandra Price

    But, dear Psycho you are my favorite Commentator. Moses could never have imagined American Politics in 2009.


  4. AustinRanter


    How about CHB is just plain fun, informative, and a place to let your hair down a bit without wanting to set it on fire…hmmm, most of the time. In other words…CHB can be really cathartic.

    CHB’s educational attributes alone are worth many times more than the current price. A little food for thought!


    Gregg Sealy