President Barack Obama gathered doctors from every U.S. state at the White House on Monday to press his case for healthcare reform in a week when the sweeping overhaul could clear a major hurdle in Congress.

The Senate Finance Committee, the last of five panels in Congress to move on healthcare legislation, aims to vote this week on Obama’s top domestic policy priority, an effort meant to cut costs, regulate insurers and expand health insurance coverage to the millions of Americans now going without.

“At this point, we’ve heard all the arguments on both sides of the aisle,” Obama told the crowd of 150 white-coated doctors who support the healthcare drive.

“We have listened to every charge and every counter-charge — from the crazy claims about death panels to misleading warnings about a government takeover of our healthcare system,” he said as he plunged back into the healthcare debate after two weeks largely devoted to diplomacy.

The Senate Finance Committee has wrapped up debate on the overhaul of the $2.5 trillion healthcare system. But Democratic hopes that the panel could vote on the bill as early as Tuesday were dashed on Monday when Congressional Budget Office experts took longer than expected to deliver a cost estimate.

The vote still could take place later in the week.

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  1. The insurance companies wrote this reform. That’s why they trot out their doctors.

    I find this “stuff” all over the place.




    I choose to keep my eyes open instead of basing my views on preconceived notions of what the USA is and does. We like our torture supervised by doctors and psychologists as much as we like apple pie. Seems they prefer Mengele to Hippocrates.

    What I say seems bizarre and unreal to lots of people. It was hard for me to accept when I first saw the truth too. But that’s why I keep my posts honest because the topics are so explosive and so many people are in denial and don’t want to believe what is going on in their name.

  2. This was all a dog and pony show, hence the doctors wore their lab coats outside of work. Anyone claiming to be friends of a doctor knows they don’t wear scrubs and lab coats around town unless they didn’t have time to change. Nice to see Obama’s Whitehouse hasn’t lost the knack for props like Bush’s “Made in USA” stickers over boxes from China.

    They found doctors willing to help torture prisoners. Sure it was no problem finding doctors willing to shill for insurance companies.

    Our Liberties We Prize and Our Rights We Will Maintain

  3. If the insurance companies are fighting this reform so hard would the doctors who “shill” for them appear in this venue?

    “They found doctors willing to help torture prisoners.”

    Where do you get this stuff?

  4. In none of those urls do I see anything that says doctors participated in the act of torturing prisoners, which is how I interpreted your original allegation. The closest I can see to participation is the veiled references to doctors being there when prisoners were waterboarded. That does not mean they participated. In my opinion, from the lack of specificity of what their roles were, it is just as easy to interpret the doctors’ presence as being to prevent “going over the line”, wherever that line happens to be.

    I am not condoning torture; far from it, I abhor the idea that the US has participated in such vileness. I am stating that you may not reasonably infer from presence that there was participation.

  5. Sadly, Woody is right. Just because the oath says “first do no harm” doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t willing to break it. I also recall reading several articles about doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists suiting up to go to Gitmo and other places to supervise the torture of prisoners. Of course, the alleged stated motive was to make sure they were not being harmed too much (the prisoners), but if you had any cohones at all as a physician or a practitioner of the art of Dr. Freud, you would refuse to participate to begin with.

    I have a vague recollection of reading an article somewhere that stated that Jose Padilla sits in a cell all day and twitches.


  6. Failure to act or stop torture abuse is the same as being the interrogator. Standing there in silent agreement. I don’t like to split hairs when it comes to heinous crimes against basic God given rights.

    The CIA claimed a doctor and psychologist were present. We can’t verify that since they destroyed the video tapes. Is destroying evidence an act of innocence?

    Those tapes could have exonerated the accused. Now they have no other defense besides, “I was ordered to do it.”

    The utter lack of morals of medical “professionals” should be appalling to everyone. They should in fact lose their license to practice if involved in these instances of torture.

    Then there is this:

    interrogation techniques appear based on “folk psychology” – a layman’s idea of how the brain works as opposed to science-based understanding of memory and cognitive function

    Must be top notch doctors working for government.

  7. Thanks Woody188 for bringing up the lab coat angle. : )

    I had thought of mentioning it in my opening post concerning this staged excercise in pushing grand socialism. The lab coat crowd are of the same mentality in that every politician seemingly wears an American flag lapel pin on their suit. I’m leary of signs of faux patriotism as well as staged promotionals hosted by crimpols with an agenda.

    Carl Nemo **==

  8. Hi Woody188,

    If I had the time or interest to dig seriously into the backgrounds of this list of physicians; I’m sure it would be a real eye opener in terms of exposing the Whitehouse’s “Obamacare” propaganda script.

    Thanks for this singular tidbit that one physician fessed up concerning the white coat gig… /:|

    Carl Nemo **==

  9. I was researching the list of doctors posted by gazelle1929 and one of them claimed the White House told them to wear their lab coats.

    FYI, my research indicates most of these doctors were Obama campaign supporters and some receive Federal research grants. Not exactly a non-partisan group, but it was not billed as such. They are indeed doctors. ;p

  10. I’d buy it over what you put forth…. which is really very little, when you get right down to it.

    Yours is general incredulity raised to an art form.

    It shows a lack of curiosity.

  11. Do you think there are any of us who would buy this? You don’t have the time or interest to do research but you have the time and the interest to try to get us to believe hogwash about what you are “sure of.”

  12. u8aintdeef. Eight more men and you can,t see past your momentum, Gazzy.

    These men died on an inaccessible but by helicopter, hill, more lke a mountain.

    You are bitchin at us as you pull power from our clocks ticking to sing your small minded melodies?

    I’m sure one as learned sundials..

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