The politics of spite

    I just read the following comment here, and was, to say the least, dismayed:

    “I’m hoping every day for something to pop up far beyond their control that throws a monkey wrench into this ongoing planned destruction, anything from an asteroid incoming, solar flare burst, super volcano eruption (Yellowstone basin) or non-flu related pandemic; ie., anything to put an end to these wars and force America to contract back to its shores in order to simply survive, lick its national wounds and hopefully stage a rebirth from many years of corruption and rot at the top.”

    What is wrong with our society that people would wish for mass annihilation, deaths of thousands if not millions, etc., simply to make a political point? And we see far more of this every day. I want the President to fail, even if it means that our civilization fails. Even if it means that we allow thousands of people to die because we hate, loathe, abominate, abhor and detest this man who some believe is our President. But deep inside we know he isn’t our President because (insert your favorite conspiracy theory or racist rant here.)

    I had just finished reading the post that is quoted above when a friend sent me Paul Krugman’s op-ed piece in the NY Times, entitled The Politics of Spite.

    You may read it here.

    And if just ONE of you (and you know who you are, or you should) takes the message to heart, the entire world will be a little bit better off. Right now I am simply disgusted that people want Obama to fail so badly that they pray for world-wide calamities.

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