Reid angers fellow Democrats with Medicare ploy

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid moved swiftly to ensure that his home state of Nevada wouldn’t be hurt by Medicaid changes included in the health care reform bill moving through the Senate Finance Committee.

Now some of his Democratic colleagues are demanding the same treatment for their states.

“We have to make sure Colorado is treated fairly,” Democratic Colorado Sen. Mark Udall said Wednesday.

“We’re going to take a look at the details, but if Colorado has a fair claim on being treated the same way Nevada has been, of course we’re going to ask to have that kind of treatment.”

Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh, a moderate and a critical swing vote, said he’s “sensitive to the impact that this could have on state budgets and, indirectly, education funding, property taxes and things like that.”

Asked whether states like Indiana should get special protections that were afforded to Nevada, Bayh said: “If they want our votes ultimately, I suspect that they should take our concerns into account.”

“We’re watching it,” added Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor.

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