The Internet is the greatest thing since sliced bread, no doubt about it. But also, the Internet is a haven for FREE access to so many tangible and intangible goodies such as quality news sites, software, coupons, blogs services and even products of all types.

Most people have simply become addicted to the unabated FREE use of the Internet.

Have you ever downloaded software that is labeled as “freeware”, but when you go to the download site the author of the software makes a little disclaimer that says something like, “Your donations allow me to continue to spend the time to create such software. If you find it to be useful, I would appreciate your donation.” Do you donate? Most probably don’t.

How many of us have stopped taking a local newspaper or magazine because we can get virtually the same information “free” on the Internet?

There are a lot of dedicated people who spend enormous time, energy, and their own resources to make your Internet experience enjoyable and/or productive.

There are very few quality news sites that offer a “Comments or Rant” option that allows the readers to actually participate in debate, to become a living asset to the site. Just as important, these sites can be a means for those just want voice their frustrations, discontentments, or opinions about people, places and things.

Most all sites that offer comment or blog formats is a scrolling, first posted, first read…and then hundreds of other readers who comment or rant are found 25 pages to the rear.

Some of us are lucky enough to find a site that offers a personal touch and we can actually be heard…and by hundreds, if not thousands who like to read important news of the day…and also read what common everyday people are experiencing or feeling as it relates to news events.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been as guilty a many other of exploiting site after site that provided goods and services that enhanced my computing experience…and sometime my personal life experience. In other words, I have benefited from other’s labor and resources on the Internet without giving it a second thought.

As I grow older, I am literally outgrowing my criminality…which is actually a metaphor for: I’m trying my best to stop doing things that aren’t always in my best interest. But more importantly, I’m trying really hard to respect others…and that includes their rights and property.

I realize that times are hard on everybody, or most everybody right now. A lot of us are having to cut back on our daily expenses…and we are more and more driven to take advantage of the Internet’s thousands, if not millions of “free” venues to explore and entertain us.

But every once in a while we find something on the Internet that has genuine value to us, something that personally enhances our lives. Alone with that discovery…we might be faced with the realization that in order to continue to be the recipient of whatever value that site has to offer, it might also be necessary to contribute an occasional small sum to augment the resources needed to sustain its existence.

When you find such a site…then maybe you might reevaluate the value that that site has to you. You might consider augmenting to that site’s limited resources in whatever way you can.

Just a little food for thought for all of, including myself.


Gregg Sealy, Traveling At The Speed of Life


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