CURSE YOU, President Obama. You are working too hard to keep your promises made while you were campaigning for the Presidency, which you stole from us by getting more electoral votes than our glorious candidate got. We HATE that in a Democratic President.

According to you have kept 43 promises, during your first eight months in office and have broken only five.

These are the promises you have kept so far:

No. 58: Expand eligibility for State Children’s Health Insurance Fund (SCHIP)

“Expand eligibility for the Medicaid and SCHIP programs and ensure that these programs continue to serve their critical safety net function.”

Promise Kept
No. 76: Expand funding to train primary care providers and public health practitioners

“Expand funding—including loan repayment, adequate reimbursement, grants for training curricula, and infrastructure support to improve working conditions— to ensure a strong workforce that will champion prevention and public health activities.”

Promise Kept
No. 77: Increase funding to expand community based prevention programs

“Increase funding to expand community based preventive interventions to help Americans make better choices to improve their health.”
Promise Kept
No. 88: Sign the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

“As president, Barack Obama will renew America’s leadership by making the United States a signatory to the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities; the first human rights treaty approved by the UN in the 21st century and a vital foundation for respecting the rights of people with disabilities worldwide He will urge the U.S. Senate to ratify the Convention expeditiously.”

Promise Kept
No. 119: Appoint a special adviser to the president on violence against women

“This advisor will ensure that his agenda is coordinated across federal agencies and fully addresses prevention, programs, and the legal aspects of gender based violence.”

Promise Kept
No. 125: Direct military leaders to end war in Iraq

On “my first day in office, I would give the military a new mission: ending this war”.

Promise Kept
No. 134: Send two additional brigades to Afghanistan

“As Obama removes our combat brigades from Iraq, he will send at least two additional brigades to Afghanistan, where the Taliban is resurgent. He will also provide our armed forces with the reset capability that they need. He will replace essential equipment, and he will ensure that our men and women in uniform get the care and support they have earned.”

Promise Kept
No. 174: Give a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration

“Obama will personally lead diplomacy efforts beginning with a speech at a major Islamic forum in the first 100 days of his administration. He will make clear that we are not at war with Islam, that we will stand with those who are willing to stand up for their future, and that we need their
effort to defeat the prophets of hate and violence.”

Promise Kept
No. 222: Grant Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send money to Cuba

“Cuban American connections to family in Cuba are not only a basic right in humanitarian terms, but also our best tool for helping to foster the beginnings of grassroots democracy on the island. Accordingly, as president, Obama will grant Cuban Americans unrestricted rights to visit family and send remittances to the island.”

Promise Kept
No. 224: Restore funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program

“The (Bush) administration has consistently proposed to cut or eliminate funding for the Byrne Justice Assistance Grant (Byrne/JAG) program, which funds anti-drug and anti-gang task forces across the country. …Since 2000, this program has been cut more than 83 percent. … As president, Obama will restore funding.”

Promise Kept
No. 225: Establish an Energy Partnership for the Americas

“As president, Barack Obama will establish an Energy Partnership for the Americas. This partnership will increase research and development in clean coal technology, the next generation of sustainable biofuels and in wind, solar and nuclear energy. The partnership will also look for ways for nations to coordinate to transport green energy across national borders. It will help Latin American and Caribbean nations become more energy independent and promote sustainable growth for the region. The partnership also will create additional markets for American biofuels and American-made green energy technology.”

Promise Kept
No. 239: Release presidential records

“Will nullify the Bush attempts to make the timely release of presidential records more difficult.”

Promise Kept
No. 241: Require new hires to sign a form affirming their hiring was not due to political affiliation or contributions.

“Will issue an executive order asking all new hires at the agencies to sign a form affirming that no political appointee offered them the job solely on the basis of political affiliation or contribution.”

Promise Kept
No. 278: Remove more brush, small trees and vegetation that fuel wildfires

“Will place a high priority on implementing cooperative projects to remove brush, small trees and other overgrown vegetation that serve as fuel for wildfires. Barack Obama will focus the Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management’s efforts on working with local communities on hazardous fuels projects to make communities safer and forests healthier.”

Promise Kept
No. 290: Push for enactment of Matthew Shepard Act, which expands hate crime law to include sexual orientation and other factors

“Will place the weight of (his) administration behind the enactment of the Matthew Shepard Act to outlaw hate crimes.”

Promise Kept
No. 307: Create a White House Office on Urban Policy

“Will create a White House Office of Urban Policy to develop a strategy for metropolitan America and to ensure that all federal dollars targeted to urban areas are effectively spent on the highest-impact programs. The Director of Urban Policy will report directly to the president and coordinate all federal urban programs.”

But you haven’t kept SEVEN promises. Count them SEVEN promises. You truly are a liar!

No. 24: End income tax for seniors making less than $50,000

“Will eliminate all income taxation of seniors making less than $50,000 per year. This will eliminate taxes for 7 million seniors — saving them an average of $1,400 a year– and will also mean that 27 million seniors will not need to file an income tax return at all.”

Promise Broken
No. 234: Allow five days of public comment before signing bills

To reduce bills rushed through Congress and to the president before the public has the opportunity to review them, Obama “will not sign any non-emergency bill without giving the American public an opportunity to review and comment on the White House website for five days.”

Promise Broken
No. 240: Tougher rules against revolving door for lobbyists and former officials

“No political appointees in an Obama-Biden administration will be permitted to work on regulations or contracts directly and substantially related to their prior employer for two years. And no political appointee will be able to lobby the executive branch after leaving government service during the remainder of the administration.”

Promise Broken
No. 505: Create a $3,000 tax credit for companies that add jobs

“During 2009 and 2010, existing businesses will receive a $3,000 refundable tax credit for each additional full-time employee hired.”

Promise Broken
No. 508: Allow penalty-free hardship withdrawals from retirement accounts in 2008 and 2009

“Obama and Biden are calling for legislation that would allow withdrawals of 15% up to $10,000 from retirement accounts without penalty (although subject to the normal taxes). This would apply to withdrawals in 2008 (including retroactively) and 2009.”

Promise Broken
No. 511: Recognize the Armenian genocide

“Two years ago, I criticized the Secretary of State for the firing of U.S. Ambassador to Armenia, John Evans, after he properly used the term ‘genocide’ to describe Turkey’s slaughter of thousands of Armenians starting in 1915. … as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.”

Promise Broken
No. 517: Negotiate health care reform in public sessions televised on C-SPAN

To achieve health care reform, “I’m going to have all the negotiations around a big table. We’ll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators. Insurance companies, drug companies — they’ll get a seat at the table, they just won’t be able to buy every chair. But what we will do is, we’ll have the negotiations televised on C-SPAN, so that people can see who is making arguments on behalf of their constituents, and who are making arguments on behalf of the drug companies or the insurance companies. And so, that approach, I think is what is going to allow people to stay involved in this process.”

According to the website above, Obama has compromised on 11 promises and has 99 more promises “in the works.”

Could it be at this pace he will run out of promises before the next Presidential election?

OMG. WTF are we going to do? WAIT! We’ll run Sarah Pain for President and Rush to Judgment Limbaugh for Veep. They’ll just tell everyone you didn’t keep ANY promises. And all ten of our remaining true believers will vote against you, Obama. CURSE YOU. We have found our strategy.

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