Sen. Robert Byrd injured in fall at home

Robert Byrd, the longest serving senator in history, has been taken to a hospital after a fall at home in the Washington suburbs.

Spokesman Jesse Jacobs says the 91-year-old West Virginia Democrat apparently stood up too fast and fell and that his caregiver called an ambulance “out of an abundance of caution.” He said that Byrd is being examined but that at this point there is no indication that he will be admitted.

Byrd has been in frail health in recent years and was hospitalized in May and June with dangerous infections. But he returned to the Senate in July to vote and earlier this month gave his first floor speech in months, where he talked about the passing of Sen. Edward Kennedy.


  1. Carl Nemo

    Senator Byrd is a poster child for what’s wrong with Congress and the devolution of our system of government.

    He’s long since outlived his usefulness as a legislator. I’ve been a many year supporter for Congressional term limits no different than for that of the presidency; ie., two terms for both the house and Senate.

    His physical debilities are a reflection of his long since failed mental abilities too. Simply being propped up to vote yea or nay on a vote like a denizen from “Tales from the Crypt” makes no sense to me or should it to any other sober American.

    It seems the tasty scraps of “pork” continually pitched to West Virginians is far more important than having a younger more competent legislator.

    Wiki link with his bio supplied.

    What’s really frightening is this man is third in line for succession to the presidency in the event some tragedy should occur. He just might have the senile hubris to take the oath… : |

    Carl Nemo **==

  2. sherry

    Carl, Byrd is a constitutionalist. That is the only thing he has going for him.
    He isn’t seni le per se, he is just really sick. He is no longer physically able to do the job and he needs to quit. He will not, not of course until they carry him out in a box.

  3. Carl Nemo

    Hi Sherry,

    Thanks for the feedback. Byrd’s voting record is available in the supplied Wiki link. To me it represents a guy who’s been all over the map during his career. One thing for sure is that he’s managed to maintain his “50 year” incumbency…ouch!

    Even if Byrd were my favorite politician they don’t need to be camped in the Halls of Congress for a half century. Eight years for Presidents, twelve for Senators and four for District reps is enough in my book.

    Carl Nemo **==