A friend of mine emails out every day a column about interesting words. Today’s word was comstockery, which is basically excessive censorship. I personally think any censorship is excessive, though that’s not why I’m making this entry.

In the email, Anu (his full name is Anu Garg and he’s a delightful fellow) cites a blog by a fellow named Jamie LaRue, who is a librarian in Castle Rock, Colorado. Castle Rock is one of the more conservative parts of that state, though nowhere near as right-leaning as Colorado Springs a bit further south.

This link is to a letter LaRue wrote a year when asked to remove from the shelves a book about a wedding of two men, written for children up through perhaps age 7 or 8.

I commend this letter to you as one of the most thoughtful and even-tempered on the subject of book censorship: