Comedian Al Franken has announced that he will run for the U.S. Senate in Minnesota, seeking to oust Republican incumbent Norm Coleman in 2008. He is giving up his Air America radio talk show to run.

Minnesota is indulgent of nontraditional politicians, as witness former Gov. Jesse “The Body” Ventura, and has a tradition of robust political activism.

His day job aside, Franken is a serious student of politics and a prominent figure in liberal Democratic circles. Besides, if he wins it will be something of a novelty to have someone in Congress who is funny intentionally.



  1. For Kent Shaw: Do you even know what a Zionist is? A Zionist is simply one who wants a homeland where being Jewish is not held against you. The US today is mostly a tolerant home for Jews, but it was not always so. Imagine if you were a member of a religious, racial or ethnic minority in a world where people of other faiths bar you from education, from employment, from housing in many areas, from many professions — basically try to exclude you from being accepted in any part of society. Imagine refugees from Nazi Germany death camps arriving on a ship in a US port, only to be refused entry to the country. It is a wonder that any Jews are not Zionists. While most Jews live outside Israel, in nations where Jews are a minority, even non-Zionists take comfort that there is at least one nation that would accept them unconditionally, and where they could live without ongoing threats and discrimination based on their culture and religion. Try to think, and maybe you’ll stop yourself before making another stupid comment about who we do or do not need in the Senate.

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