The war is treated as a separate issue from health care, but anger and worry over the war deflates Obama’s momentum for health care reform.

With Obama, Americans are becoming more in a state of flux in our beliefs of what America’s place in the world should be. There have been two views of America’s place in the world: One view is that America has been a great hope for mankind, another view is that the US has been screwing things up ever since the British colonists first attacked the Indians and brought the first slave to these shores. Circumstance is involved: World War II, most think America was a savior; Iraq, most think we only made things worse. Some say America the land of the free and the brave spread the light of freedom, around the world, while others say Amerika the devil is robbing the world with its evil Imperialism. Some say Bush represented Amerika the Devil while Obama represents America the good. But one can’t hide from the fact that Obama’s and Bush’s Afghanistan policies are quite similar.

PS, The conclusion at the end of this article will be that discussing the issue of world government might help us solve local issues like health care reform.

What can anyone say to prevent Afghanistan from turning the Obama revolution into a Greek Tragedy? I would like to suggest that the US trying to preserve order gives a touch of justice in this world.

When Russia or China felt it was there duty to stand up to the most militant Muslims, in Afghanistan, Chechnya, and with China in Uyghur, they inadvertently succeeded in convincing Muslims that Russia or China considered Islam in general their enemy. Much more than Bush, who went to great lengths to convince Americans and Middle Easterners alike that moderates like the King of Jordan was the US’s friend.

In the past France also at times decided to be a vigilante or a self pointed police officer in Haiti and in Lebanon, leading among other things to some Americans boycotting French Fries. The current President of France has no intention of having France try to be in charge of solving any of the world’s problems. So the choice today is either the US, Russia or China trying to preserve a touch of order on the world. If the US gets out of Afghanistan in a hurry, the chances are that Muslims and China would be at each others throat far more than when Russia and Afghanistan were fighting.

There is another choice. World government and a world wide police force dealing with the most far out extremists rather than one country. A touch of this happened as the UN started fighting piracy.

Some fear that in a world government, India might unite with the African and Arab world and declare that women are subservient to men, or one be required to attend either Muslim, Catholic or another religious service, not including Unitarianism. These fears aren’t necessary just idle fears. However as the world situation now stands, the US withdrawing from trying to both run things and preserve a touch of justice would mean Russia or China trying to do so instead.

Al Qaeda has a clear plan to bait the US into bankrupting itself. Somehow their words to this effect hasn’t been given much coverage. When al Qaeda didn’t want Afghans to vote they attacked voting places and poll workers. In Iraq, bin Laden went on the Internet and demanded Iraqis not vote. They voted and many in the US decided that the war in Iraq was a war against bin Laden after all.

The US spends an incredible amount on smarter and smarter robot weapons like drone aircraft managing to cut down the US casualty rate, but al Qaeda kills on the cheap. A retarded child or a downs syndrome old lady equipped as a remote control suicide bomber might actually save them money in long term food costs vs the cost of the weapons they were carrying. The US must stop responding by spending ever more money on rapidly more costly arms, or else the US will become bankrupt.

There are al Qaeda dangers ahead such as the possibility they will seize or inherit Pakistani nukes. Of course Russia and China would do everything they could to prevent this if the US wasn’t in the central stage.

Whatever does or does not happen in the baby steps toward world government in the next few years, discussing the issues the way I did, will stop Americans from believing they have to decide whether US policy in Afghanistan is good or Satanic, and thus whether or not we can believe Obama knows what he is doing in the health care debate.

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