When we file for our income taxes will we then be taxed for the average donation for the locals and federal elections? Or will we find an election tax on our property taxes? Am I the only one who believes that my donating money to candidates is my right of free speech?

If I want qualified candidates and a qualified well read voter base, I might be better off insisting that our Civics classes in school actually teach about the U.S. Constitution. I would also want some kind of training of critical thinking and survival skills.

The Democrats have liberal social ideals and want the government to leave the people alone. The Republican Conservatives want the heavy hand of government to direct the social lives of all Americans. This leaves the RNC and DNC in charge of raising funds for their candidates. In 2000 and 2004 the votes were so equal in numbers that many feel Bush did not win in either race. So here we are with both parties trying to get to the independent voters and those 7 million Republicans who walked out of the party in 1992. Our parties are not working on finding the most qualified candidates but working for the ones who are willing to bow down to any number of people and handing them promises and hand outs. Winning takes the lead over political morals.

If anyone believes that handing the financing for elections over to the federal government will equalize anything, think again. Even during the television debates the laws point to just two parties and third parties are not welcomed. The main problem is that we no longer have two points of view to vote for or against. We have people for Bush and those against Bush. This is silly!

The only thing I want from the Federal government is to guarantee that they stay out of the campaigns and work on honest elections with a paper trail. It is up to the voters to know exactly what their candidates stand for and have them look in the eyes of the camera and pledge their allegiance to support the Constitution. If they can come up with an agenda I will listen to it.

We have an opportunity here at CapitolHillBlue to get involved in the CAMPAIGN FOR OUR AMERICA found on the Reader Rant and I’m hoping that we can come up with an agenda for both parties to follow. We need to cut some rules about whether we want Federal Laws for elections or State Laws. We need to debate how our borders are protected especially now that we are at war with___________(fill in the blank.)

If we can put together a list of our desires and request our candidates to join us and explain how they would handle subjects such as campaign financing, the rules on how to declare wars and why they feel our Constitution should contain prohibitions on our personal lives. We need to know if

America will continue to police the rest of the world even when it means we make terrible enemies.

I regret that I have so little faith in the American government but I am only one voice here and I trust the posters and bloggers on this site so let’s open up our discussions.

This could expand CHB into one of the largest think tanks on the internet. I have complete faith in Doug Thompson do run it as well as anyone could. I simply ask all of you to think carefully before asking the Federal Government to make any changes in our Campaign Finance Laws. Can we even trust them to provide exposure from who is funding which candidate?

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)


  1. The power of lobbyists grew because we allowed it to. This erosion of our political system was predicted, in part, by the three article system the founding fathers created. what is truly striking is the difference over time.

    in the 1770s, the top elite, the creme dela creme, the educated, the literate, the land owners, the Bush-Wa-Zee – these were the folks that had the wherewithall, the vision and the creativity to create what we know as the USA. And they meant it for all people, but for the sun-tanned 3/5s folks who ensured that cotton would be king.

    Today, any sign of the elites’ trying to support a broad-base, democratic-styled, popularist agenda, is so small as to be less visible than a black-painted mosquito, thrown into an endles abyss, with no moon or starlight, or other light source within 100 miles.

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