It’s not racism to call Obama a liar

Last year, when an overwhelming number of Americans voted to put Barack Obama into the Presidency, the pundits praised the election as an example of how America has moved beyond the racism of the past.

Obama stormed into office with overwhelming approval numbers but — as past Presidents learned all too quickly — approval can be a fleeting thing and his popularity waned as his mistakes and missteps increased.

No President in recent history has fallen so far so fast. With his job approval rating hovering just above the dreaded 50 percent mark, more and more Americans wonder if the agent of change they thought they elected isn’t just a lackluster political hack.

This, of course, doesn’t sit will with die-hard Obamacons, so they drag out the race card to explain why their guy has become mortal.

It’s just racism, they cry. Too many Americans dislike Obama because he’s black.

Hogwash. An increasing number of Americans distrust Obama and question his actions because he has backtracked on too many promises, told too many lies and proven to be just another opportunistic politician.

South Carolina Rep. Joe Wilson’s inappropriate shouting of “you lie” from the well of the House during Obama’s speech to a joint session of Congress last week was an unacceptable breach of Congressional decorum.

But Obama was lying when he claimed none of the health care reform bills under consideration would give government-paid health care to illegal immigrants. The language was vague enough to allow immigrants to get health care and Democrats scrambled after the speech to change that language.

The false claim about immigrants is not the first lie to spill from Obama’s lips like so much political diarrhea. It’s just the latest example and there will be more.

Barack Obama is not a bad President because he is black. He’s a bad President because he’s just another political con artist who will say anything to get elected and then morph into a President with a hidden agenda.

Obama is a hard-core liberal who sees big government as a cure for all ills. He benefited from a Republican party who let George W Bush and Dick Cheney run amuck for eight years and then offered up John McCain and Sarah Palin as replacements but he was — like most candidates for President — the lesser of the evils on election day.

It’s not racism that will kill the Obama Presidency. It will be his own stupidity. If he continues on his present course, he will join other Presidential failures in the dustbin of history.

That’s not racism. It’s called political reality.


  1. Specifically it was the illegal immigrants getting coverage that caused Wilson to yell out “you lie” during the speech. There are some loopholes like treating all family members as one “unit” in which an illegal alien might use a US born child to get coverage. Illegals may also be able to purchase coverage from any government run co-op or public plan. While many don’t see this as a problem, I believe the public or co-op plan would use tax money to enable them to sell below market costs so an illegal alien could get reduced cost health coverage at our expense.

    Now you are right, there is no final bill. But Obama was saying these things will or won’t be in the final bill. So do we take his word on it since he’s been so forth right and kept every campaign promise?

    Or do we look at current legislation in the works that Obama already said he wanted passed before last July or else our economy would not recover?

    So did he lie?

    Maybe not anymore than Junior Bush or Bill Clinton. Maybe a little less than Dick Cheney or Colin Powell.

    I’m sorry but I won’t take this President on his word any more than I did Junior Bush and it has absolutely nothing to do with racism and everything to do with his track record.

    Also note this quote from Doug above:

    But Obama was lying when he claimed none of the health care reform bills under consideration would give government-paid health care to illegal immigrants. The language was vague enough to allow immigrants to get health care and Democrats scrambled after the speech to change that language.

  2. Welcome back Sandy..Sorry I forgot to mention that in my 1st post. I have missed your posts, even though I don’t always agree, I have great respect for your knowledge and points of view.

    Gazelle… I so enjoy your posts well.

    Woody..Can you please show me somewhere, where there is proof that Obama was lying during his address to the joint member of congress. I don’t believe he was lying or could have been lying because at this point, the bill is not ready and is still in committee. BTW..I appreciate your posts even though I am often at opposite poles from you (not always however)

  3. gazelle, you certainly summed up the repubs in a nut shell! How do these people get so nasty and impossible – are they just born like that or does the moniker ‘republican’ automatically turn them that way?

    Sandy – SO GOOD to see you back – I’ve really missed your great posts!

    You know, it took Bush/Cheney 8 years to create all these catastrophies and people are upset that Obama hasn’t solved them all in 8 short months! Give him a break.

    I think we will get a health care bill, just hope it’s a better one than they seem to have hammered out trying to appease the republicans, who aren’t going to vote FOR anything regardless. I say, leave the darn republicans behind and get on with what needs to be done for we the people that are behind you!


  4. PIA. In many areas on the internet there are Conservatives (religious social types) who have turned against any Liberal who is running for any office. I have tried to ask them what their agenda would be if they really wanted Senator McCain to win the White House. Not one of them came up with a single agenda they could sell to Independents; so sorely needed by both parties.

    Candidate Obama filled all the creases in his speeches that gave America a chance of getting away from the Social Conservative agenda of President Bush. Even the most active Republicans had grave worries about McCain and Palin.

    But after his win, President Obama began spending our money like a drunken sailor. He could not even discuss getting our troops out of Iraq and now he is planning more troops into Afghanistan. He appears to be a third term for President Bush.

    Many of the Social Conservatives do not recognize the facts that President Obama is still supporting the Bush Administration. The GOP has lost everything and has nothing left to build upon during the mid term House election in 2010. Many of the current GOP House members have been caught with their pants down or a possible indictment for pay to play.

    The GOP is dripping in corruption and makes the Democrats look like boy scouts. I’ve been a Republican for yearly 50 years and there is no one in the party who can clean up the morals and speak up for the Fiscal actions that are needed last week. I read your posts at Reader Rant and know you understand this.


  5. What’s really bugging me about the Wilson situation…along with the many reported incidents of public displays of hatred for Obama by other individuals and groups is:

    1. Racism: Intolerance coupled with the belief that one race is superior over another.

    2. Bigotry: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance.

    Which is it? Is Mr. Wilson a racist, a bigot, both, or neither?

    So herein lies my questions. Is it possible that Joe Wilson isn’t at all a racist, but more likely be defined as a a bigot? Before you answer that…is there anything other than circumstantial evidence based on his behavior during the president’s speech that confirms that Mr. Wilson is either/or/or both a racist and/or bigot?

    I don’t recall, nor have I read where Mr. Wilson has publicly stated, or has been reported as saying that African American’s are inferior to Anglo Americans. Now, just because I haven’t heard or read that Mr. Wilson hasn’t made those types of comments…doesn’t mean he hasn’t…I don’t know. Do you know?

    I don’t have personal knowledge of Mr. Wilson’s intolerances for others based on …”just because”. I’m not a Joe Wilson expert…so do you have any knowledge concerning Mr. Wilson as it would relate to his behavior that might define him as a true bigot?

    Or did Joe Wilson just frickin lose it…given the intensity of the political wars that have existed for eons between the Repubs and Dems?

    I don’t have a clue…you tell me. I can’t argue for or against any character flaws that Mr. Wilson possesses.

    I think that all too often that the perception or understanding of racism and bigotry is wrongly identified or classified and creates more problems.

    My point:

    I believe that it would be completely irresponsible to misuse the words “racism” and “bigotry”. More importantly, I believe that the misuse of these two words can completely destroy any chance of genuinely defining problem(s), much less work on solution(s) to problem(s) as they relate to racism and bigotry.

    Thanks Yall…Gregg

  6. We don’t do patience. We want him to fail NOW! And we hate our country and we want it to fail now. And we hate our fellow citizens who are less fortunate than we are because if they had worked harder and had better educations which we kept them from getting through separate but equal for generations, opportunities, etc., they would have more but not as much as we have because we’re white and most of the losers aren’t so we want to keep them poor and beholden to us white folks who are naturally the leaders. It’s their fault they are homeless, unemployed, uninsured. (Gazelle channels Limbaugh, Hanratty, Coulter, etc.) Please cease with the voice of reason.

  7. Obama’s lower popularity is mostly generated by progressives who are disappointed by his moderation and attempts to reach across the political divide. (Very few conservatives have switched from “Obama Lovers” to “Obama Haters”!)

    So he’s irritating both conservatives and progressives by trying to be inclusive. If he just rammed a pre-written health care reform bill through Congress, like the Clintons attempted, then the progressives might be happy but eveybody else on the political spectrum (including Doug, I suspect) would be up in arms.

    Obama is using the process he learned very well in his Senate seat: You have to let all the different cooks pee a little in the broth, until they like the flavor. Then when you get all the bill versions through all the Senate and House committees, the majority leadership writes a reconciled version that can contain pretty much anything they like from all the various versions. If you have the votes to pass it, and the President signs it, then it becomes law. (So even if the Senate Finance Committee version doesn’t have a Public Option, it could still get into the final bill.)

    Sorry folks, but that’s just how it works. It isn’t pretty, and it isn’t ever fast. A little patience with the process will help us all avoid writing things that look silly in retrospect.

  8. All this concern on whether racism motivated Wilson is silly. Wilson’s shouting was disrespectful, and it was wrong to do so during a joint speech to Congress. But he was accurate while the President maintained the lie. Shouldn’t the President also have to retract what he said and apologize for lying to Congress and the nation?

    Don’t you wish one single Democrat would have had the nerve to say the same to Junior Bush?

    Congress is elected to represent, not to direct, the people.

  9. I was surprised to see Obama’s popularity has held pretty steady among the base among Dems. I too would have though there would have been a big drop there.

    Public Policy Polling went into the polls and found he is down:
    5 points among conservative Repug,
    5 points among conservative indies,
    7 points among moderate independents – from 64% to 57%.
    15 points among conservative indies – from 31% – 16%

    Full discussion at:

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