Today it was proposed by Senate committee chairman Max Baucus MT-Dem that fines should be levied on those that fail to acquire their national health insurance.

This is a prime example of our government gone wild. Its one thing to try to devise a scheme to provide health insurance, but now evil plans are being hatched to turn the issue of health insurance into one of enforcement. So does that mean this new healthcare function will have their own branch of armed government cops marching around the country rounding up families and destroying lives; ie. what’s little left of the American way of life?

There are so many people that are down and out in this nation having lost their jobs, homes and their ability to provide for themselves and their families and this pompous, egotistical Senator is proposing punitive sanctions against those that don’t buy into whatever lame plan they might devise.

Yep, its always part and parcel for our government to turn just about anything into a crime of some sort.

Our President supposedly was against such nightmarish sanctions while on the campaign trail. It would be nice if he showed his supporters some spine and told Baucus and his brethren that any bill that comes to his desk with such draconian sanctions will be met with the tip of his veto pen.

Also they never speak of what happens to the people that already have superb plans that are provided by their corporations or retirees both lucky and blessed with similar coverage.

They seemingly are hellbent on destroying that which is now functional and good for all while turning America into the ultimate police state including civil matters.

Let’s see we have the “war on drugs”, the “war on terror”, the next will be the “war on medical scoflaws”…no?!

As a note Senator Baucus received a whopping $3 million from the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry; years 2003 thru 2008 to promote their interests. This doesn’t include what was accepted from January 1, 2009 to midyear when he allegedly stopped accepting ‘contributions’.

Just his cocky, cowboy sneer is enough to get my blood boiling knowing what a hypocrite he is concerning health care for “We the people” as opposed to health care that benefits “They the corporations”.

Note: since I posted this commentary last evening the Yahoo link referencing Max Baucus’ newly reworked plan as having penalties for non participants has been changed; ie., it’s no longer linked with that article, but instead changed to one of President Obama’s push to shove “their” plans for medical care down our collective throats. So I’m resupplying a new link from the Durango Herald that makes reference to the proposed penalty system.

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