I have been building websites since 1997. In my spare time I enjoy reading and visiting amusement parks throughout central Florida (where I live).

In 1999 I had a heart attack caused by a genetically malformed coronary artery. Since then I’ve had a series of digestive system health problems that are always brought under control eventually but have made it impossible for me to hold down a conventional job. In 2008 the stent implant that fixed my one bad coronary artery in 1999 collapsed. Another (now much improved) stent was implanted but I unfortunately had a second heart attack during the procedure. It took about six months to recover from that one to nearly the same strength that I had before.

I have managed to stay off of any taxpayer supported programs by working online. Now when I have bad days where I can’t work, I can simply make up the time after I recover. I mostly just write websites and then receive income for paid advertising. It’s not a fortune but it is enough for basic food, shelter, clothing, and a wee bit of entertainment. Thank goodness for annual passes to amusement parks! If you go several times per year, it’s really cheap per visit!

If you would like to visit my sites, I’d welcome your patronage!

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