Ahhh, at long last

    Hello again, Gentle Reader:

    As the title would hint, I am pleased. I am pleased beyond words that there is finally a true chance to have an actual, real live, honest to goodness audit of the Federal Reserve.

    For myself, the profoundest joy in this is being able to watch the collective panic as the Federal Government does its collective level best to “appear” to co-operate with the idea, and yet do a wonderful rendition of the “behind closed doors shuffle” in an attempt to stop the cold light of day form shining on the biggest gang of crooks in the country.

    These unelected, userous, open sores on the butt of the country are about to get presented with their worst nightmare. Namely: Full accountability for their actions.

    HUZZAH! I look forward to the passage of this bill. Blessings on the good doctor for his dose of Constitutional medication.

    Let the games begin.

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