Disorganized Dems: A headache for Obama

Democrats remain sharply divided over what to do about the nation’s health care system and return to Congress this week without any clear plan or consensus on reform.

After a month of rowdy town meetings, the picture for health care reform remains as muddled as ever on Capitol Hill and few believe President Barack Obama’s attempt to rally support with a speech to a joint session of Congress Wednesday night will improve the situation.

"You’re looking at one screwed-up mess," a long time Democratic operative told Capitol Hill Blue over the weekend. "Democrats lack focus on the issue."

Republicans see the speech as a chance to sharpen their opposition messge to Obama’s health care reform agenda. Strong, organized attacks against the President’s proposals have scored with Americans and revitalized Republicans who see the issue as a chance to regain lost seats in Congress.

Reports The Washington Post:

After a nearly 40-day recess that was anything but restful, House Democrats are returning to work Tuesday still unsettled over pending health-care legislation and sure only that the people have had their say.

They are in almost the exact position they were in when they left the Capitol in late July. Conservatives are still leery of supporting a government-funded, or public, insurance option. Freshman lawmakers from suburban districts remain fearful of increasing taxes for their wealthy constituents to pay for the new measure and await alternatives from moderate Senate Democrats. And progressives, who are demanding the most far-reaching reform since the Great Depression, are still threatening to bring down the legislation if it does not contain a robust version of the public option.

In the lead-up to President Obama’s critical Wednesday night address to a joint session of Congress, interviews with a cross section of about 15 House Democrats and half a dozen aides show that there is still overwhelming support for some overhaul of the health-care system. But the caucus remains deeply divided over the details of the more than 1,000-page measure and now faces a public that is more skeptical than when House committees began drafting the plan two months ago. 


  1. storky

    Obama is unfocused.

    He’s the one negotiating with himself and making no progress toward bipartisanship.
    People say trying to rally Democrats to a cause is like rounding up cats. Anyone who cares for cats knows that the best way to round them up is to open a can of tuna — bring us the single-payer health care for which we’ve petitioned.

    Meanwhile the Republicans can rot for their obstruction.

  2. Carl Nemo

    Well said Storky…! : )

    They keep shoving HR3200 in our faces with seemingly an absolute refusal to put HR676 on the table in order to see how it will be received publicly.

    The reason being is that HR3200 is the plan most amenable to “Big Pharm”, HMO’s, PPO’s, the ADA and others with a stake in making the most bucks off any nationally sponsored plan.

    I’m hoping possibly beyond all hope that HR3200 in any form fails. Better no plan this this uber expensive monstrosity that will ultimately be interpreted by faceless bureaucrats; turning it into the nationally insured’s worst nightmare in time; ie., another costly government boondoggle resulting in failure to deliver what’s promised.

    Carl Nemo **==

  3. John H Kennedy Denver CO

    Agree with “storky” open a can of tuna
    — bring us the single-payer health care for which we’ve petitioned.

    And instead of becoming Bush on foreign policy, Obama needs to do the things he knows damn well his base wants him to do

    1. prosecute those in the Bush Administration that violated US Federal Laws (including but not limited to Torture and the WMD Lies).

    2. roll back the Bush-Cheney abuses of our Constitution.

    3. reform health care, public option or single payer, Now!


    If they aren’t actively calling for enforcement of our Federal Torture Laws,
    They DO Support Torture.

    both a Commission of Inquiry
    and prosecution for all those leaders
    in Bush’s Administration that
    Conspired to Torture at ANGRYVOTERS.ORG


    Only Prosecution Stops Torture!

  4. AustinRanter

    In the Last Days…

    Even as one of the most disliked presidents in history…and a lame duck president on top of that. In his last days, Bush frequently faced off with a Democrat majority in Congress and bulldozed through Congress with his wacky ideas and wants and Congress would just bend to his will.

    The above sounds pretty dramatic doesn’t it?

    Really…what we witenessed waa a well choreographed set of events for reasons known only by those who own government and their employees (government officials).

    It appears that Obama was “selected” by those who own the government to be a fall-guy. His primary job as fall-guy is to ensure that the restocking the vaults of the government owners was quickly accomplished and then move rapidly on to disassemble a bit more of the Republic formed government created in 1776.

    Actually, it reminds me of the incredibly popular professional wrestling business that attracts millions of people. As well all are aware, its’s a business that ordinary people pay to see individuals who are employed by group or federation, whose job is to pretend to near beat to death play-like competitors. Fans love watching these crafty athletes preform their violent acts despite knowing its fake and a well choreographed. The fans will even stand and cheer on their favorite “selected” winners.

    I just need to figure out how to get a hot dog stand license for this main event arena called America.

  5. barak

    The Dems are in Disarray because some are and some are not bought and paid for by the Health Insurance Lobby. Spending millions of dollars to protect their bottom line, these insurance companies seek assurance that We The People will continue to be screwed, robbed and raped by their exorbitant fees, charges, denied payments, and refusals to pay legitimate claims.

    Isn’t it time we nationalize the Insurance Companies like we have seized control of the auto and banking industries? Now that we nationalized those two, we should have a good idea of what to do and what not to do.

    But then, despite Viet Nam, despite Iraq, we still went into Afghanistan.

    What’s that song that goes: “Oh when will they ever learn?”

    Let’s have a House and a Senate cleaning! Out with the old, in with the new, but only for one, three year term, non-repeatable.

  6. AustinRanter


    It’s really difficult to believe that there are Congressional members who aren’t influenced by special interest.

    But if there is…that might soon change. Check out the following that’s hot off the press:

    NYT – Sept. 7, 2009 – The Supreme Court may be about to radically change politics by striking down the longstanding rule that says corporations cannot spend directly on federal elections. If the floodgates open, money from big business could overwhelm the electoral process, as well as the making of laws on issues like tax policy and bank regulation.