Since there was no way to comment on this “read more” article on the front page of CHB I thought I’d post a Wiki link explaining the purpose of this legislation which seemingly is beginning to get a groundswell of support. : )

People have to realize that our national banker; ie., Federal Reserve has not had a true audit since 1913, but simply “whitewash” feelgood audits that always make things seem all too good to be true.

It’s time to shine a mighty spotlight on this cabal of international banking rats! : |

I urge readers to read the Wiki overview to get them up to speed then to make the effort to contact their Congressional District Rep’s office to “demand” that they vote in favor of this bill in the event your rep is one of the holdouts. I did find it interesting that Dennis Kucinich Dem-OH was the 218th to climb onboard in support of the bill. Why wasn’t he one of the earlier supporters since he always comes on like a supporter of populist interests?!

My recommendation is to both send an email and make a phone call to your reps office. You’ll feel refreshed and well afterwards in that you did something proactive for the maintenance of your freedom and the right to have transparency in government that you support through your tax dollars. : )

Carl Nemo **==

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