I thought I’d post an August 6, 2009 article to the “American Thinker” by Dr. Zane F. Pollard M.D. “Obamacare and me”


It’s probably one of the most incisive and informative articles I’ve read to date concerning the impact HR3200 on extant medical care under Medicaid although Medicare was not referenced in the article. This article is written from the perspective of an insider; ie., an M.D. and not that of raving politicians or the unwashed, uninformed masses.

His article will leave one both hushed and informed concerning the evil nightmare that our Congressional “crimpols” are hoping to foist on the American people. I do realize many people are suffering and need care, but HR3200 is not the way to go regardless of any assurances given by our “silver-tongued” orator in chief; ie., President Obama… : |

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