What’s next?

“Come on! Wash your hands with Elmo! Wash, Wash, Wash!” states Elmo the lovable puppet from Sesame street. – Washington Post Sept 2 2009

This is part of the new White House initiative to “get the message out” about Swine Flu (H1N1).

I didn’t think much of this article until I read that Sesame street is also going to partner with the U.S. Census Bureau to teach our children about Census in schools. They have full lesson plans to last weeks on the topic.

“It’s great to reach the children because children are such strong voices in their homes,” says Renee Jefferson-Copeland, chief of the Census schools program – USA Today Aug 28 2009

What’s next: Napolitano partnering with Sesame street to root out “home grown” terrorists. “Make sure you report any suspicious activity to authorities kids” Kermit tells viewers in regards to activities witnessed in homes across America.


  1. Doc_Holiday

    I have another incident in which the White House specifically President Barrackacka is going to give a speech that will be focused at America’s youth. This is not so startling, the startling part is when the White House PR department starts handing out teaching curriculums in preparation for the speech.

    The Cato Institute, a public-policy research foundation, issued a press release entitled “Hey Obama, Leave Those Kids Alone,” criticizing the “troubling buzzwords” in the lesson plans:

    “It’s one thing for a president to encourage all kids to work hard and stay in school – that’s a reasonable use of the bully pulpit. It’s another thing entirely, however, to have the U.S. Department of Education send detailed instructions to public schools nationwide on how to glorify the president and the presidency, and push them to drive social change.” – Yahoo News

    This eruption of upset parents might have rocked the foundation at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    The Obama administration is rethinking its course recommendations for students ahead of President Obama’s address to the the nation’s schoolchildren next week, rewriting its suggestions to teachers for student assignments on how to “help the president.”

    Christina Erland Culver, former deputy assistant secretary for education, said presidents have traditionally addressed classrooms on the first day of school, but the problem with the event was the accompanying materials from the Department of Education.

    “That’s where they kind of got into a slippery spot. Federal statute denies any authority to the Department of Education to provide any kind of curriculum or anything that can be passed down to the state, and that’s part of the statute forming the Department of Education. So they kinda got themselves into this mess because they didn’t really understand some of the key legal roles or the dos and don’ts at the federal Department of Ed,” she said. – Fox News 3 Sept 2009

  2. bryan mcclellan

    Whats next? Hmmm, how about,
    does mommy have a cocktail before five pm?
    Does daddy speed when he takes you too school?
    Do you have to eat your vegetables and help with the dishes.
    Are your neighbors a little strange?
    Do your parents think they are the boss of you?
    You’re seven years old and they won’t get you cell phone, do you think that is child abuse?

    Here is what is wrong with the picture, parents hands are tied when it comes to discipline as are the schools because a child can bring hell on earth down upon any that seek to correct them. Horror stories abound of falsely accused parents and educators.
    Kids are lacking structure as schools cut back activities for the non sports gifted and they have little opportunity to work after school because Gram and Gramps have had to go back to work along with Mom and Pop who already hold down second positions that would otherwise be filled by high school age kids.

    Latch key, television, and game console parenting leaves them to raise themselves and here is the niche the social wing of the government is looking for. Dumb them down with revisionist history, don’t dare hurt their self esteem, praise them for failure even when true effort is lacking and for petes sake don’t lay a finger on their precious little hides if they curse you like a sailor, because all it will take is a word to drag you under..Next.

  3. Procrustes

    OMG. I found THIS at the Department of education web site:


    Just look at this:

    What are your strengths?
    What do you think makes you successful as a student and as a person?

    Guided Discussion:

    What resonated with you from President Obama’s speech? What lines or phrases do you remember?

    Whom is President Obama addressing? How do you know? Describe his audience.

    We heard President Obama mention the importance of personal responsibility. In your life, who exemplifies this kind of responsibility? How? Give examples.

    How are the individuals in this classroom similar? How is each student different?

    Suppose President Obama were to give another speech about being educationally successful. To whom would he speak? Why? What would the president say?

    What are the three most important words in the speech? Rank them.

    Is President Obama inspiring you to do anything? Is he challenging you to do anything?

    What do you believe are the challenges of your generation?

    How can you be a part of addressing these challenges?

    I am taking my kids out of school immediately. This is too much.

  4. bryan mcclellan

    America and it’s principles are founded in ABC , 123, try not to cut your leg off with that chainsaw.
    It’s that simple, if you can get an answer as to why it is that man doth give power over reason too hosengrazers , be late for dinner.

  5. bryan mcclellan

    That’s just it. I’m not dining on what passes for medicated pablum spewed from the political kitchen. One aspirin and large doses of reality are my only meds, thank you very much.