Hello Gentle Readers:

I’ve been (rather deliberately) out of touch with the MSM and this wonderful place in web-space for some time now. It nice to be back.

After a bit of catching up over the last couple of weeks it seems that the inability of Big Brother to “turn over a new leaf” is (seemingly so) cast in concrete.

Pity. I’ve watched. I’ve waited. Even though I did not vote for the man, I hoped, like much of the country I hoped. Bah!

With the tacit approval of continued torture, the “realignment” of which alphabet soup agency actually does the torture (welcome the new “elite” unit?.)

The continued draining of our economy to fight what are arguably unconstitutional wars (Not just the war on terrorism, but the mostly forgotten and useless war on drugs, and several others initiatives that could just go on and on…)

The hopeless failure of the alledged last best hope for the uninsured due to the brazen back room selling of the American tax payer to the highest bidder (namely the special interest buck) to the distraction of talks here, talks there…rude blatherings by our Sec. State…to publically funded bailouts of industrial dinosaurs that have the nerve to pop out such wonders of smoke and mirrors as the recent “cash for clunkers” thing…the list goes on and on…and so does my belief in the idea that it can be fixed.

Has anyone read Ted Nugent’s “Ted, White, and Blue”? My local library recent accuired a copy. Rather interesting reading that.

The thrust of the book is that we need to get back to Constitutional basics and “DEMAND UPGRADE” Not just politically. We need to do this in everything that we do. How we live our lives is largly reflected in the current political “business as usual”

The premise that need to stop accepting the slurry of B.S. that they’re shovelling out of D.C., and DEMAND UPGRADE is at once very simple and very powerful.

He may never actually get into office, but the man seemingly knows what he’s talking about. This no holds barred style of grabbing life by the reality, rather than by the remote control is something that I’d recommend for this nation politically, and at least for myself and my loved ones, is somthing that I am going to incorporate into my day to day…I would encourage any and all that care to try this to start by contacting all teir levels of government and demanding upgrade. Thanks for reading.

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