With the long, hot summer coming to an end, President Barack Obama returns to a cool reception in Washington.

To put it mildly, things ain’t going well in Obamaland. The President’s approval ratings continue to fall at a record rate, his administration lacks focus and his signature health care reform agenda is on life support.

Obama’s political capital account is bankrupt, depleted from too many compromises on health care and other issues. With his once-vaunted ability to rally a nation with stirring rhetoric gone, jeers now replace cheers at Obama rallies and those who predicted the President wasn’t ready for prime time are clucking and saying "I told you so."

Obama has lost his mojo and a growing number of clockers and watchers doubt he can get it back.

Republicans, following a basic rule of Politics 101, successfully knocked Obama off message and he appears unable to regain control of the national debate. A major part of his problem is that he prefers a shotgun approach to problems. With all that shot going in so many directions, it’s hard to focus on a single issue.

There isn’t a single health care reform bill before Congress, At last count, we had five. By scrambling to shore up support and cut deals, Obama diluted his message — if he ever really had one.

No American President in recent history has fallen so far so fast in the eyes of Americans. Jimmy Carter started with a 70 percent approval rating and it took 18 months for him to fall under the 50 percent mark. Even George W. Bush, the man who many consider the most unpopular President in modern times, stayed popular with a majority of Americans for three years before dropping into the nether land.

Obama’s job approval dropped 20 points in eight months: a record free fall.

Barack Obama is a charming, charismatic speaker but he is not a bold leader. He is not a uniter. He returns from vacation to a Washington that is more divided than ever by partisan rancor. He faces a nation more divided than ever over issues like health care reform, jobs, the economy and failing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He inherited most of these problems but appears unable to focus his energies to resolving even one of them. The problem intensifies as jobless benefits run out for more and more Americans and the quality of life in this nation continues to disintegrate.

Barack Obama came to Washington eight months ago as a symbol of hope for a desperate nation. He returned to Washington after an August vacation as a failed leader of a failing nation faced with more desperation, more skepticism and more pessimism.


  1. If we refer to Doug’s column, “It’s the System, Stupid!…I think that pretty much describes the situation.

    I’m not at all sure how Obama can regain something that he’s not been in control of.

    Even if every person in Congress and the White House is replace in 2010 and 12…so what? The system won’t change.

    The faults that are specific with a Republic form of government were clear from the get-go. We’ve been warned repeatedly throughout the Federalist Papers and other sources during the times that the United States was in the midst of its creation.

    It’s WE THE PEOPLE who have lost the Mojo! We lost it eons ago.

    The form of government we have now…well, it just doesn’t feel good anymore. It kind of looks like a Republic form of government…but it’s just not anymore. The election process is a smoke and screen thing for the people of this country who still believe that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree and got a spanking for lying about it.

    We The People are the public servants who supply’s labor and many other resources to those who now own the United States Government. Elected officials certainly aren’t public servants. They’re the instrument by which those who own the government use to make sure the resources from those who are servants keep flowing in.

    It’s not at all rocket science about how and who operates our government.

    Obama…well, if you think he’s the boss, the most powerful person in the entire world…Hmmmm, OTAY, whatever, then Sesame Street is the channel for you…not CSPAN.

  2. Maybe nothing can be done. Maybe it’s just how things are and America is coming to the end of it’s glory years. Maybe it doesn’t matter who is in power, the power of lobbyists and corporations is just too great. And maybe this whole thing will just have to play itself out naturally. The only question is this: what happens to a country when it is in thrall to vested commercial interests? Where will it end up? Has this ever been done before? I see it like a huge experiment that no-one can stop. An experiment in combining public and private power to just see where it goes.

    Oh well, soon every field will be contaminted with GM crops and every small farmer will be out of business. Insurance company ‘death panels’ will be deciding whether you are worthy of insurance or not and you will have to pay through the nose just to live. Large military corporations will have war after war to make their profits and the president will be nothing more than a figurehead for the private sector. Pretty much like it is now in fact. Whether that means America will be a happy, contented successful country or not remains to be seen. Let the experiment continue….because I don’t see anyone powerful enough to stop it.

  3. Can Obama regain his mojo?

    No, not since it was built on lies, fabrications and distortions. Not since we’ve seen through the lies and exposed him for the fraud he is. Not while we pay mercenaries six figure salaries and our own soldiers a pittance. Not while his wife has over 20 personal attendants while veterans can be found sleeping in the streets.

    Had he come out swinging for the Constitution and forced a return to the rule of law, he would have had more support. As it stands, he is just another corporatist/globalist (dare I say progressive/neo-conservative?) helping foist the new world order on to the last bastion of freedom in this world.

    Congress is elected to represent, not to direct, the people.

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