The office of special spin


Unhappy with the intelligence it was getting from established spy agencies, the Bush administration set up a special intelligence shop under then-Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, one of the architects of the Iraq war.

Specifically, the administration was irritated that the CIA and others were unable to establish a clear connection between Iraq and al Qaeda. The special office provided one, citing “a mature and symbiotic relationship” between Saddam Hussein and al Qaeda that subsequently turned out never to have existed.

Even so, that supposed connection, a mutual pursuit of weapons of mass destruction, became one of the justifications for the war.

Now comes a critical report on the operation by the Pentagon’s acting inspector general, Thomas Gimble, saying that Feith’s office relayed to President Bush and Vice President Cheney conclusions “not fully supported by the available intelligence” and “inconsistent with the consensus of the intelligence community.”

This is a bureaucratically polite way of saying “wrong and misleading,” but given the predisposition of the Bush administration for war with Iraq, welcome even so.

The White House says that whatever problems were caused by what Gimble called assessments evolving from “policy to intelligence products” in Feith’s operations have been solved by the creation of a director of national intelligence.

Defenders of Feith’s policy shop and the Pentagon under former Secretary Donald Rumsfeld note that while the actions were “inappropriate,” they were both legal and authorized. This is hardly an exacting standard for drawing conclusions that could — and did — lead to war.

Critics charged at the time that this Office of Special Plans operating outside normal channels was intended to cherry-pick and spin intelligence to support the White House case for war with Iraq, and nothing in the inspector general’s report much disputes that judgment.


  1. WENDY

    Bush needs to be removed from office – IMMEDIATELY!! Cheney, too!! Locked up, forgotten or, in Bush’s case, permanently committed to a criminal psychiatric ward.

  2. Kaine

    It’s amazing that the office was only operated for less than a year. Just long enough to manufacture the evidence the administration needed!

    And that “nothing in the inspector general’s report much disputes that judgment” which was manufactured by the OSP!

    According to the quote below from a wikipedia search on “Office of Special Plans”:

    [quote]The Office of Special Plans, which existed from September, 2002, to June, 2003, was a Pentagon unit created by Donald Rumsfeld and led by Douglas Feith, dealing with intelligence on Iraq. An allegedly similar unit, called the Iranian Directorate, was created in 2006 to deal with intelligence on Iran.[/quote]

    they created a new group for Iran! Simply amazing!

  3. JimZ

    The actions of this administration make us ALL collectively guilty.

    Bu$hevics arn’t fooling the rest of the world; they are only fooling the 30% of us American idiots that still can be fooled by them. That includes members of my own family and the a-hole drunk down my street.

    Any office called “Office Of Special Plans” or “Iranian Directorate” indicate the policy directive is already done. It’s the course of action that is being planned, as well as dividing out the contracts to Halliburton, Bechtel & Blackwater, etc.. If it sounds like a duck…

    It’s a good thing international war and murder is “legalized” by Bu$h decree at the federal level. We’ll call it… “cleansing for democracy”.

  4. Mike Giroux

    If you go to, click on Col Kwiatkowski’s column titled “Without Reservation” and scroll to the bottom, you’ll find a series of three articles that first appeared in the December, 03 and January 04 issues of The American Conservative.

    Kwiatkowski was there. The Colonel’s articles show that Feith was Chaney’s man and specifically assigned to head up the OSP to “create” the intel Chaney and Bush wanted to justify an Iraq invasion.

    Why isn’t this whole cabal being criminally charged and accused of treason?

  5. Ray

    The Bush Dynasty of Terror is huge and its tentacles reach into every nook and crack, making the madman untouchable. Be ready for martial law. Its right around the corner and coming fast. There is definitely something that stinks and now George is talking like he is willing to back off a bit, that is a sure sign that something is about to insure his attack on Iran. And he is chuckling. Does anyone else sense this coming event? Seriously.

  6. Carl Nemo

    What’s even more mind-numbing than these revelations is the fact that 435 House members and 100 Senators aren’t “seriously” outraged!? They shuffle along with ineffective non-binding resolutions. They refuse to bring these mattoids to summary justice! They are “all” corrupt and I guess it’s an example of the people ending up with the government they deserve! All, “we the people” have on our collective minds are the next sale at WalMart, the May Co., or wherever and are they going to be able to watch the “game”…?! Just as in ancient Rome, the leadership made sure the masses had an ample supply of “bread and circuses” while they ripped-off the Empire.