“Allow the president to invade a neighboring nation, whenever he shall deem it necessary to repel an invasion, and you allow him to do so whenever he may choose to say he deems it necessary for such a purpose—and you allow him to make war a pleasure.”

I found this wonderful quote on Reader Rant this morning and thought it was worth bringing to the home page. Today is President Lincoln’s birthday and an appropriate day to refresh our memory of his great wisdom

Somewhere in our U.S. Constitution there is a statement about invading a foreign nation and if I recall it can be done only after an attack on America or if a war is declared on America by a foreign nation.

After 9/11 our Congress gave President Bush full powers to declare a War on Terrorism. I recall little controversy over this action as all Americans were in a state of panic. Invading

Afghanistan was legal and according to the majority of Americans, justified.

Our going into Iraq was based on allowing Bush to make war for his own pleasure.

Did our American Caesar take his warriors back to Iraq to show his father he was not a coward?

Had the PNAC developed the plan to attack Iraq long before 9/11? We may never know but we must be damned certain that a war with Iran is justified and legal at all costs.

(Sandy Price began her political activism after finally getting cable in her area of the central California coast. She watched two hours of C-SPAN and realized she needed to get involved immediately. That was in 1993 and once she found the internet, it was just the beginning. She is now retired from working as a technical writer and costume designer and lives in Sun City, AZ.)


  1. Cashel, I have no idea what the truth is about 9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq, or Iran. I do know that we have been manipulated again into entering a war that has no possible end. It was Vietnam all over again and yet no one in D.C. recognized it.

    I had my finger on the pulse of the GOP for over 50 years and then found myself a stranger during their conferences.

    I have tried a dozen times to give up my political activities and am drawn back by sites such as this one. I often feel all is lost and then I read blogs like yours and the others.

    Not being drawn to Bingo and reading silly romantic fiction,I am hooked and might as well ride it out with all of you folks. Let’s work to fix it…..

  2. Sandy rightly says “…in our U.S. Constitution…invading a foreign nation… can be done only after an attack on America or if a war is declared on America by a foreign nation.

    So, apart from Iraq and soon to come Iran, why is the US – and the world – in Afghanistan, where the links to 9/11 are equally nebulous?

    I am haunted by the possible scenario that the real reason for deposing the Taliban was to get the opium flowing again.

    No medicine/surgery focussed western society can function without morphine.

    Every merchant banker in the world, deliberately or otherwise washes drug money.

    The US Armed Forces could not fight for one afternoon without morphine.

    The gangsters who control America’s cities and secretly subsidize corrupt politicians could not survive without heroin.

    Afghanistan now supplies 90% of these commodities.

    What sort of crisis would the western world be in today if the Taliban still ruled in Afghanistan?

    Cashel Boylo

  3. On April 3, 1865 Lincoln—over the objections of the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton—followed the Union troops into Richmond. He saw the devastation himself, sat in Jefferson Davis’s chair, and experienced the gratitude of the black Americans.

    When a number of blacks ran up to him and fell on their knees trying to kiss Lincoln’s feet, Abe said to them:

    “Don’t kneel to me. That is not right.

    You must kneel to God only, and thank him for the liberty you will hereafter enjoy.”

  4. Saddam the “straw man”…! Very few people will ever know that Saddam was set up by the Bush, Sr. administration in 1990 prior to Operation Desert Storm. Here’s a link to Saddam’s intervue with April Glaspie our ambassador to Iraq at that time. He asked her how would the U.S. respond to him invading Kuwait. He was told that it would be none of our affair per James Baker?! Saddam being somewhat of a simplistic peasant regardless of his cunning took our word for it and was double-crossed. Here’s the link…

    Why would the Bush administration do this. With the end of the cold war the M.I. Complex had become the “red-haired” step-child concerning defense budget allocations. They needed a shot in the arm so Bush, Sr. gave them what they needed. The Bush family also excells in making money off warfare as far back as the American Civil War.

    Sandy asked a rhetorical question:

    “Had the PNAC developed the plan to attack Iraq long before 9/11? We may never know but we must be damned certain that a war with Iran is justified and legal at all costs.”

    Operation Desert Thunder later known as Operation Iraqi Freedom (current) was being hatched as early as 1998 while Clinton was still at the helm, but was not launched. The tech sector was booming and America was finally doing quite well “marketwise”, but once dubya was elected then it was time pull ol’ Saddam the strawman out of the closet and make some more money for the M.I. guys and with a derivative benefit for the “oil patch”. Oil had slumped to about $12 per barrel when Bush Jr. took office.

    Although the PNAC and terms such as neo-con seem to be associated with Bushco we must never forget they are “all” in the same internationalist club; i.e., the CFR, the Tri-laterals, the Bilderbergers etc. They are a club of

    incredibly wealthy elitists along with their annointed, public running dogs with which we are most familiar. Bush and the Clintons are buddies,

    never forget this. Everything is not as it seems. While we the unwashed masses aka “groundlings”, a Bush Sr.

    term for us, squabble over the mere facts, these mattoids are working hand-in-hand to shake down the American

    taxpayer 24/7/365. “We the People” always lose because we are trying to understand and play the nation game in

    a “crooked casino” controlled by elitist crooks. America is in harms way and I urge all citizen/patriots to contact their duly elected reps and demand de-escalation, de-funding, and investigation of the facts leading us into this war based on “cooked” intelligence with the perpetrators brought to justice. Setting the loss of life and carnage aside; if we don’t disengage soon, then this once great nation is headed for the ashbin of history. We are dead broke, being indebted to the 12th of never due to the endless useage of “debt money”. China is sitting on a one trillion dollar cash surplus, courtesy of WalMart et. al, while “we the people” are left holding the bag with 8.7+trillion dollars of debt, 2.5 trillion courtesy of Bushco’s six years in office…! Here’s a link to help you contact your reps.

    May God not only bless, but hopefully “save” America from these forces of evil. We as a nation have lost our way.

  5. Palo doesn’t know what the heck he is talking about.

    Racist ?

    Lincoln was often refered to as Lincoln Africanus.

    He did suggest freed slaves be sent to Africa or the Carribean.

    (Does anyone remember why there are two nations in Africa called Liberia and Monrovia ?

    But he changed his mind

    when they proved that they would fight for their freedom

    after the battle of Island Mound in Bates county Missisouri…..otherwise

    why would he suggest that Black people be given the vote

    in his last State of the union speech ?


    it was that suggestion that pushed John Wilkes Booth over the edge.

    Because Lincoln wanted to “give niggers the vote”

    As for the supension of Habeus Corpus

    it was events in Ohio indiana and the rest of the mid west

    where there was rebellion by the “Copperheads”

    who wanted the midwestern states to seceed

    just as the south had done

    forming a third nation.

    The Copperhead The sons of Liberty

    The Knights of the Golden circle

    were the terrorist of their day.

    They set farms and property on fire

    across the union states

    They helped make it possible for Confederate general John Morgan and his terroist to rampage across Ohio

    pilliging and plundering

    before being caught 75 miles south of Lake Erie.

    They sent run away slaves and freed blacks back to the south.

    Maryland was a slave state along with Deleware.

    He locked up a lot of pro slave Marylanders…Good !

    One does not hear about ‘Morgans Raid’

    because of Gettesburg and Vicksburg taking place at the same time.

    When lincoln was a state represenative

    he opposed going to war with Mexico

    and signed a bill to end slvery in the District of Colombia.

    Lincoln Africanus indeed.

    The south wanting to peacefully seceed ?

    Yes Freedom and liberty for all in the Confederacy

    especially for African Americans

    right ?

    As for Bush

    I think of Martin Sheen

    in the Stephen King film

    The Dead Zone

    “Gentlemen ! The missles are flying.”

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