It’s important to go back to the start of the Cold War to find out what went very wrong with the CIA, but I think it’s also important to go back to the desperate days of World War II, where the Mafia was used as one of the Allies in the fight against Hitler, and scapegoating of Japanese-Americans was done to keep American-Nazi types in the war against Japan. The famous right-wing aviator Charles Lindbergh tried to join the Air Force on the condition that he would only be sent to Japan, not Germany.

American fascist types were shocked that Hitler signed a pack with Japan, who they considered to be an inferior people. The more the Japanese-Americans were scapegoated, the more Nazi types supported the war effort in the Pacific. As an added bonus, putting Japanese-American kids in relocation camps put fear in American Nazis who supported Hitler that their kids would be next if they conducted any sabotage.

The Mafia was an integral part of the war effort, exposing Hitler’s agents who tried to infiltrate this country from the ethnic Italian dominated docks. They were even used to stop an internationalist union, the Teamsters from conducting a wartime strike when the Mafia seized control. If Hitler’s agents had succeeded in infiltrating they would have told American Nazis to stop scrawling “Don’t fight a Jewish War” on Philadelphia, and NY subway walls and start slashing tires, since there was a very severe rubber shortage, the gas shortage was phony to save rubber. Handy counterfit Mafia gas coupons allowed the desperate to continue going to work.

When the Cold War started, World War II habits continued without considering the long term effects. Woody Guthrie once sang former antiwar ballets, the words being changed to “Stop Hitler” songs on all three networks at once. And because Communists once opposed the Second World War during the Hitler-Stalin Pack days then the most gung-ho for the war they were given a prominent place in the media to spread the image that now everyone except the Japanese immigrants supported the war.

To get the Communists out, before McCarthyism took hold, the Mafia was invited to take over the Entertainment Industry. Things kept continuing, remember Contra-gate, the CIA selling drugs to buy guns for the Contras.

Today we have a window of opportunity to finally clean out all the rot, but I think if we don’t include when wrong was done for good reason with much success, we won’t succeed. Many enphesize people doing wrong because they want to make money or are internally evil, but I think the US getting itself into bad habits is an inportant factor in understanding what is wrong.

I am also hoping that my approach will encourage a few insiders to come forward, like a couple of super racists did in the South when they denounced bigotry.
Richard Kane

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